21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Details

Cohort 14 (2015-2016)

Cache Public Schools

Program Director: Corey Holland
Program Address: 102 East H Avenue, Cache, Oklahoma 73527
Program Center: Cache Primary and Cache Intermediate Schools
Grades Served: PreK- 4th
Program Abstract:

The Program will hold before and afterschool and summer sessions for 300 PK-4th grade students. Students will receive healthy snacks, homework help and tutoring. Academic enrichment will coorindate with and enhance what is taught in the classroom. All CASTLE program activities will be hands-on, providing an active learning atmosphere. Positive feedback will encourage and activities will focus on student's strengths while improving weaknesses. Other program components will include language arts, math and science, social studies, and arts and music enrichment created collaboratively by classroom and afterschool staff to supplement school lessons and deepen understanding through activity-based experiences. Partners will present lessons in character education, nutrition, entrepreneurialism, technology, and Native culture. A Resource Fair and workshops for parents will align with parents' needs and will be designed to improve their involvement in their child's educational experience.

Crescent Public Schools

Program Director: Cheri Burns
Program Address: 106 N. Magnolia Street, Crescent, OK 73028
Program Centers: Crescent Elementary School, and Crescent Middle School
Grades Served: PK - 8th grade
Program Abstract: 

Project C4 (Crescent Community Connecting Center) with its primary partner Francis Tuttle Technology Center and numerous community partners including YMCA will jointly collaborate to serve all students with a focus on at-risk students in the Title I schools to increase student academic achievement and meet Ok Academic Standards in before/afterschool learning environment centers. C4 will address the four SDE performance goals, specific objectives to meet the needs of the unique population served (at-risk, special education, Cultural, English Learners) and provide enrichment activities with extra learning opportunities to practice their academic skills through engaging hands-on activities. Project C4 will incorporate research-based activities, Professional development, family engagement activities, and activities aligned with school day learning. Planning and on-going communication between school day staff and project staff will be scheduled. STEMPremier will be implemented in MS.

Hulbert Public Schools

Program Directors: Pam Ellis and Rhonda Clay
Program Address: Post Office Box 188, Hulbert, Oklahoma 74441
Program Center: Hulbert Elementary School and Hulbert  Junior High School
Grades Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract:

Hulbert Public Schools Project RIDER will provide an after school and summer school program to enhance the educational attainment of approximately 250 PK - 8th grade Elementary and Junior High Students. Project RIDER will implement after school and summer program academic activities supporting the school day with intentional, innovative and strategic activities that enhance intervention, remediation, acceleration and enrichment programming. Project RIDER's main academic focus supports STEM, but includes academic enrichment activities in all subject areas, which will help enable students to meet state and local academic achievement standards. The after school program hours are 3:15 PM - 6:00 PM and the summer program hours are 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM serving two Title I School Wide sites that have been identified as Priority sites by the Oklahoma State Department of Education during FY 2014-2015. 

Idabel Public Schools

Program Director: Linda DeBerry
Program Address: 200 Northeast Avenue C
Program Center: Central Elementary School and Idabel Middle School
Grades Served: 1-8
Program Abstract:

The "After the Bell" program of Idabel Public School will establish 21st Century Community Learning Centers at Central Elementary and Idabel Middle School to provide organized flexible learning and enrichment opportunities to complement the school day. The program will be offered four weeks in summer. The ABC program will provide students opportunities for academic enrichment, tutoring, personal enrichment, recreation and opportunities in the arts that are designed to complement students' academic program during the regular school day. Parents will be offered learning activities in computer assistance, English as a second language, parenting skills and other activities as requested. All activities will be conducted in a safe and drug-free environment under supervision of professional staff and caring adults. Students will have positive role models from community partners to help them grow into strong individuals. A safe friendly environment will benefit the entire community. 

Keota Public Schools

Program Director: Twylah Morris
Program Address:  110 NE 6th Street, Keota, OK 74941
Program Center: Keota Elementary School
Grades Served: K - 8th Grade
Program Abstract:

Keota Public Schools along with its local primary partner, Education Service Action (ESA), and other key partners have collaborated through an Advisory Committee to plan out-of-school services to meet the needs of working parents and at-risk students in grades PK-8. The Lion Pride 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) will provide programming before school (81.5 hours), after school (238 hours), and during the summer (96 hours). Students will have access to homework help, remediation, and tutoring activities. In addition, hands-on, active, project-based learning will be provided in reading/language arts; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); social studies; arts and music; nutrition/health; life skills; and bullying/substance abuse prevention. Parent/guardian educational services will be provided the first Tuesday of each month, and a fall/spring Family Literacy Night is planned to connect parents/guardians to student learning through the 21st CCLC. 

Kingfisher Public Schools

Program Directors: Terry Willis and Lou Barrick
Program Address: 601 South 13th, Kingfisher, Oklahoma 73750
Program Center: Kingfisher Middle School
Grades Served: 3-8
Program Abstract:

The goal of STARS is to address the needs of targeted at-risk students and families with academic and enrichment learning activities to improve academic performance and social development. Project-based enrichment activities will be developed to facilitate academic achievement. Program learning activities, aligned with Oklahoma Academic Standards, are designed to be student-centered, interdisciplinary, address real-world problems, and incorporate technology. Participating in these activities allows students to learn skills such as effective decision-making, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Data maintenance and analysis will monitor individual as well as group progress and will be used to drive instruction. A leadership program will be initiated to focus on youth voice and practice a different leadership trait and tool each week. 

Minco Public Schools

Program Director: Mandy Parks
Program Address: 311 SW 6th, Minco, OK 73059
Program Center: Minco Elementary School
Grades Served: PK - 8
Program Abstract: 

To help students - specifically "at-risk" children -- overcome barriers to academic success, Minco has created Minds in Motion, an innovative 21st CCLC project model centered on Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM). This project will focus on students in grades PreK through 8th grade. Using certified teachers and trained staff, the program will implement a hands-on science curriculum that uses a guided inquiry approach and is infused with language arts and math skills. 
Enrichment from various partner agencies include mechanics, engineering, hands-on science such as beekeeping activities, sports science, and arts STEM activities. Parents will be involved with planning and learning, making the project a family activity. Each year, the project will culminate with a STEM festival that will showcase the project's successes. A major goal of the project is to help students gain confidence and interest in academic success. 

Muskogee Public Schools

Program Director: Tammy Pierce
Program Address: 402 North S Street, Muskogee, OK 74941
Program Center: Alice Robertson Junior High School
Grades Served: 7th - 9th
Program Abstract:

Muskogee Public Schools Project CREATE (Culture, Relevance, Engagement, Arts, Technology and Engineering) at Alice Robertson Junior High is designed to prevent learning loss and improve attendance and grades. The program will operate Monday through Thursday from 3:00 to 5:30 during the school year and Monday through Thursday from 8:00 to 12:00 during the summer. Healthy snacks and transportation to and from the program will be provided. 
Project-based learning will encourage interest in the STEM disciplines, and enrichment activities will provide opportunities for physical activity, and arts education. Service learning will help students develop strong connections to their community. Field trips will expose students to college and career possibilities. Reading and literacy will be incorporated in all activities. Tutoring and homework assistance will be provided each day of the program after school. Summer programming will consist of educational activities to prevent learning loss. 

Sand Springs Public Schools

Program Director: Rita Montgomery
Program Address: 11 West Broadway, Sand Springs, OK 74063
Program Centers: Northwoods Fine Arts Academy, and Garfield Elementary School
Grades Served: K - 2nd and 3rd - 5th
Program Abstract:

Sand Springs Public School District and its partners propose Full STEAM Ahead. Of course, "full steam ahead" is a figure of speech that means moving forward with full force. In this case, it will be a play on words as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) will be featured throughout the program. The overarching goal of Full Steam Ahead is to prepare K-5 economically disadvantaged students in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, for full and successful participation in 21st Century society. The two high poverty sites to be served are Northwoods Fine Arts Academy and Garfield Elementary School. . It will provide high quality learning opportunities and experiences to approximately 500 children and their families through: 1.) a 16- day summer program known as Project Summer Spirit (PSS); 2.) a 30-week after school program; 3.) a 30-week extended hour library program known as LATE NIGHT @ THE LIBRARY; and 4.) a Spring Break Camp for Kids (SBCK).

Stilwell Public Schools

Program Director: Dian Walker
Program Address: 1801 West Locust, Stilwell, OK 74960
Program Center: Stilwell Elementary, Stilwell Middle School
Grades Served: PK - 4, 5-8
Program Abstract:

The Stay and Learn Center will provide after school and summer school programs for at-risk students, families, and the community. The program will provide a menu of choices for students including: educational activities, health, social services, recreation, cultural programs, and parental activities. The partners to the afterschool program will include Boys and Girls Club of Stilwell, Kiwanis Culb of Stilwell, OSU Extension Office, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Stilwell Police Department, Stilwell Fire Department and Arvest Bank. Educational assistance will provide remediation, sustainment and enrichment for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. Assistance will be in the form of tutoring, homework assistance, basic skill areas and library hours will be extended to encourage more opportunities for reading. 

Westville Public Schools

Program Director: Yvonne Cummings
Program Address: 500 W. Chincapin, Westville, OK  74965
Program Center: Westville Elementary School and Westville Junior High School
Grades Served: K - 6th, and 7th -9th
Program Abstract:

Westville School District partnered with the Cherokee Nation Education Resource Center to operate a 21st CCLC Program. The goal of the project is to increase educational attainment, wellness, and youth social development among our students and their families by extending the school day and year. The Cherokee Nation Education Center will serve as the primary partner and Westville School will serve as the fiscal agent. The opportunity to participate in Center activities will be open to all students at the elementary level. Approximately 200 afterschool and summer students will be served and 50 before school. Program activities will focus on improvement in academic achievement, enrichment, wellness attainment, and improved social behaviors. Community resources will be utilized for academic activities in reading, mathematics, science, art, music, wellness, and social skill development. Parent and family activities will include: literacy, family relationship, and academic success. 

Whitefield Public Schools

Program Director: Tara Buckmaster
Program Address: 107 South Redding, Whitefield, Oklahoma 74472
Program Center: Whitefield Elementary School
Grades Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract:

The Whitefield 21st Century grant proposal ACT (Action Changes Things) is geared towards providing students with a safe and engaging environment. Our focus is on building healthy bodies and minds through the implementation of healthy lifestyle education programs and activities. Through a partnership with parents, our goal is to increase student achievement as well as attendance by providing a hands on learning environment that promotes youth leadership as well as youth voice. By working with our community partners, our goal is to create a quality afterschool program that promotes healthy lifestyle habits that will impact not only our students, but will carry over into our community as well. 

Youth at Heart

Program Director: Rodney Gray
Program Address: 6026 S. Sheridan Road, Tulsa OK 74145
Program Center: Walt Whitman Elementary School
Grades Served: PK - 6th grades
Program Abstract: 

Youth At Heart, working closely with a coalition of partners and the Administration of Walt Whitman Elementary School, will establish a 21st Century Community Learning Center After School Program to serve the students and families of Walt Whitman. The After School Program will provide homework help, literacy tutoring to improve reading comprehension, a special emphasis on hands-on STEM lessons and activities and a variety of recreational and special interest opportunities. This program will continue the lessons presented during the school day and help to reinforce concepts learned while expanding on them. Students will receive one-on-one guidance from certified teachers, volunteers and parents. 

Resources will be available to the entire family of students of Walt Whitman and will include literacy tutoring for adults in the family, instruction on the best methods to use to help students with their school work and additional, inclusive community-building opportunities.


Cohort 13 (2014-2015)

Anadarko Public Schools

Program Director: Connie Thompson
Address: 1400 S. Mission, Anadarko, OK 73005
Program Center: East Elementary and Mission Elementary
Grade Levels Served: 2nd - 5th
Program Abstract:
Tutoring, as well as enrichment activities such as music, art, and PE will also be provided. A homework club is open to all of the school population providing support for students who need extra help in any subject. Extended library and computer lab hours will be available for students.  Student and community volunteers, and partners will support our program by providing tutoring, enrichment activities, health and wellness programs, and mentors for our students.  Student performances and videos will help support parental involvement. Summer programs will provide enrichment and academic activities. 

Caney ISD

Program Director: Shonda Thomas
Address: 301 N. Cobb St., Caney, OK 74533
Program Center: Caney Elementary and Caney High School
Grade Levels Served: Pre-K - 12th
Program Abstract:
Caney 21st Century Project B.I.G. (Building Innovative Graduates) provides homework assistance and academic remediation in core subjects. Project B.I.G. offers enrichment activities that include: STEM-based experiences, career development, college preparation, life skills training, physical fitness, and character education. Financial planning, money management, and expanded library service hours will be offered to students, parents, and community members. Students will have many opportunities to participate in educational field trips as an extension of their learning. To tap into students' creativity, performing/visual arts and computer/ technology will be offered. In cooperation with project partners, students will participate in multiple service learning projects, including the "Going Green" recycling program with Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. "Go B.I.G.!" 

Chouteau-Mazie Public Schools

Program Director: Donald Pullen
Address: 521 N. McCracken, Chouteau, OK 74337
Program Center: Chouteau-Mazie Middle School and Chouteau Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: 3rd - 8th
Program Abstract:
Chouteau-Mazie Public Schools are providing high quality afterschool programming including: Power Hour-homework, tutoring and mentoring, directive reading and math tutoring based on skill needs, enrichment activities including reading, math, science, social studies, civics, health/wellness, physical fitness, technology, the arts and life skills, counseling and graduation coaching. 

Crooked Oak Public Schools

Program Director: Laura Knight
Address: 1450 S. Eastern, Oklahoma City, OK 73129
Program Center: Central Oak Elementary and Crooked Oak Middle School
Grade Levels Served: Pre-K - 8th
Program Abstract:
Crooked Oak Public Schools has created Project STREAM (Success Through Responsive Enrichment and Academic Mentoring) to provide high-quality out-of-school educational enrichment to students in grades PK-12. Project STREAM will focus on the health & well being of all attendees by offering enrichment opportunities in all core content areas, ELL programing, field trips, cultural activities, physical activity, mentoring, entrepreneurship, & technology related programming during the regular school year and the summer. Project STREAM will provide community programming including ELL & literacy courses, parenting workshops, targeting parents of birth to 5 yrs., programs addressing healthy and fit lifestyles.

El Reno Public Schools

Program Director: Brooke Robertson and Kristy Ehlers
Address: 100 S. Bickford, El Reno, OK 73036
Program Center: Lincoln Elementary School and Roblyer Middle School
Grade Levels Served: 3rd - 7th
Program Abstract:
Project STEAMER (Success Through Education, Arts, Multimedia, Enrichment, & Recreation) provides access to safe, age appropriate facilities, educated staff and assistants computer labs, library facilities, virtual and live field trips, age appropriate educational curriculum, and parental involvement. Instructional methods include group lessons, peer tutoring, computer-assisted instruction, writing across the curriculum, arts and culture, and physical activity. Career exploration activities will be embedded in many activities where students develop strong communication, self-esteem, accountability, and leadership skills.

Haileyville Public Schools

Program Director: Margaret Giles
Address: 3rd Street, Haileyville, OK 74546
Program Center: Haileyville Elementary and High Schools
Grade Levels Served: Kindergarten - 12th
Program Abstract:
Haileyville Public Schools and several area partners will initiate a 21st Century Community Learning Center to meet the academic, wellness, safety, and civic needs of its 388 K-12 students. The district will have four main goals for the program: 1) improve student academic achievement and confidence in academic pursuits; 2) ensure student well-being and appreciation of healthy living; 3) enhance student leadership and parent involvement; 4) build a program that works seamlessly with regular school efforts to help at-risk students; and 5) remove the school from the list of state Priority Schools. As part of the Promise Zone Initiative of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, this project will also: 1) improve student skills for tomorrow's jobs, through "more rigorous summer and after-school programs," and 2) "bolster early literacy and parent support programs." 

Hominy Public Schools

Program Director: Susan Pogue
Address: 200 S. Pettit, Hominy, OK 74035
Program Center: Horace Mann Elementary and Hominy Middle School
Grade Levels Served: Pre-K - 8th
Program Abstract:
Bucks Club program has several key elements. Students in Hominy are underprivileged and need assistance with academics, physical and social needs. The students in Hominy need a safe environment to complete homework and study with adult supervision. Another element is to provide students social skills, while exploring and growing in different areas such as music, art, science, math, reading, and technology. Character building is to be improved through Character First, adult examples, and group activities, such as cooking, choir, biking, archery, news team, games, and many other activities designed within the program that support building good character. Knowledge and skills in healthy choices and lifelong physical and mental activities is another element that is important for these students. Involving parents in volunteering, participating in Student/Parent Activities, attending conferences, student performances, and student activities. 

Justice Public School

Program Director: Ginger Bryan
Address: 36507 EW 1310, Wewoka, OK 74884
Program Center: Justice Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: Pre-K - 8th
Program Abstract:
Justice School District's 21st CCLC Program, "Academic Readiness for Reinforcing Our Warriors" (ARROW) will implement  a 21st Century Community Learning Center to address identified needs of students and community. The ARROW Program will provide high quality enrichment activities that will include active hands on learning projects including STEM & STEAM, nutrition, music, arts, culture, health, recreation, and technology. Justice has secured eight partners to provide resources for improving educational and health issues for students and community members. Partners include Seminole Indian Health Service, Seminole County OSU Extension Office, Gordon Cooper Technology Center, Seminole State College, Seminole Indian Nation, First National Bank, Security Bank of Wewoka, and TS&H Screen Printing. 

Kinta Public Schools

Program Director: Stephanie Joyner
Address: State HWY 2, Kinta, OK 74552
Program Center: Kinta Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: Kindergarten - 8th

Program Abstract:
Regularly-attending students will develop confidence in their ability to set and meet short-term and long-term goals. Objectives of this program include but are not limited to: improvement on state standardized tests, improvement in the classroom, increased student confidence in classroom performance, development of a safe place for children after school and in the summer, increase of parental improvement in student learning, leadership training for students, and development of civic activities.

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North Rock Creek School

Program Director: Amber Rosser
Address: 42400 Garrett's Lake Road, Shawnee, OK 74804
Program Center: North Rock Creek Public School and White Rock Public School
Grade Levels Served: 1st - 8th
Program Abstract:
North Rock Creek Public School is partnering with White Rock Public School, Gordon Cooper Technology Center (Primary Partner) and numerous community partners to establish the Kids' ROCK 21st CCLC to provide out-of-school services for students in 1st - 8th grades. Students will have access to homework help, tutoring, and remediation as well as multi-day, project-based interdisciplinary units aligned to Oklahoma Academic Standards. Programming will be offered for reading/language arts; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); social studies; arts and music; nutrition/health; life skills; counseling; and bullying/substance abuse prevention. Activities for families include literacy, technology, and service-learning. The 21st CCLC will provide student access to caring, positive staff and volunteers to foster students' lifelong success.

Pittsburg Public Schools

Program Director: Lyndi Church
Address: 200 West Grand Ave., Pittsburg, OK 74560
Program Center: Pittsburg Elementary and High Schools
Grade Levels Served: Kindergarten - 12th
Program Abstract:
Through Pittsburg's 21st CCLC, students will be provided a safe place to stay. While at the site, students will receive assistance and tutoring, and participate in solid learning activities. The instruction will be delivered either in small groups or one-on-one. Education will be provided through peer tutoring, computer-based instruction, hands-on activities, writing assignments that span the curriculum, and field trips.

The University of Tulsa

Program Director: Michael Mills
Address: 800 S. Tucker Dr., Tulsa, OK 74104
Program Center: Kendall Whittier Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: Kindergarten - 6th
Program Abstract:
The University of Tulsa's True Blue Neighbors aspires to build a better community and university through service. This project will allow the TBN Youth Mentoring Program to provide equitable educational resources for youth in the Kendall-Whittier Neighborhood of Tulsa. Objectives include: enhancing literacy achievement, access to healthy nutrition and community gardening, developing positive social skills to build a better citizen. TBNYMP will offer free after school programming for 140 students at Kendall-Whittier Elementary School in Tulsa.  District aligned literacy curricula and core academic content areas will complement vibrant community partnerships supporting healthy snacks/complete dinners served daily, activities in community gardening, fine arts instruction and character education. The program will also emphasize volunteer-mentor relationships by integrating TU faculty, staff and students into the culture and program design.

Urban League of Greater OKC

Program Director: Violet Ford
Address: 1301 NE 101st St., Oklahoma City, OK 73131
Program Center: Centennial Middle and High Schools
Grade Levels Served: 7th - 9th
Program Abstract:
The Oklahoma Centennial (OC) PEAK program will take a proactive approach to addressing the student deficiencies through activities, partnership, and resources necessary to expand the academic enrichment, life skills and support for OC students beyond the regular school day. The program will provide the necessary academic remediation and social intervention, which are different from the highly structured regular school day learning environment. The program will include an integration of activities, which are designed to develop academic, social, physical, and emotional skills, and opportunities to explore and develop new hobbies, skills, and interests. The UL student focused approach that is community based, culturally relevant, individualized, strength based. The PEAK wraparound service plans will address multiple life domains across home, school, and community, including living environment; basic needs; safety; social, emotional, educational, and cultural needs.

  Cohort 12 (2013-2014)

Allen Bowden Schools

Program Director: Amy Karnes
Address: 7049 Frankoma Road, Tulsa, OK 74131
Program Center: Allen Bowden School
Grade Levels Served: Pre K - 5th
Program Abstract: 
Beginning in fall 2013, Allen Bowden Elementary School will conduct a program that will offer academic enrichment, one-on-one encouragement, and a method for each participant to achieve excellence in the classroom and in life situations. The center will serve all Allen Bowden students from age 3 to 14. It will also offer education and involvement to parents and area residents. The Enrichment, Encouragement, Excellence project will operate each morning from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., each afternoon from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., one weekend a month, and during four days a week in the summer. This project will: 1) increase academic performance of every student, 2) incorporate high quality teacher development, 3) increase the ability of each student to lead a healthy lifestyle, 4) provide a safe environment for children after school, 5) enhance appreciation of community service, and 6) create a system of sustainability so that the project will continue without state aid.

Beggs Public School - ALPHA

Program Director: Sue Spahn
Address: 1201 West 9th, Beggs, OK 74421
Program Center: Beggs Elementary and Beggs Middle School
Grade Levels Served: 1st - 12th 
Program Abstract:
Beggs Public School District, primary partner OSU Extension Center - Okmulgee and numerous community partners will collaborate to provide the ALPHA (Afterschool Learning Program with a HA! for Fun) 21st CCLC. The program will serve 290 full time students (380 total) in grades 1st - 12th. ALPHA will provide 165 hours before school, 216 hours after school, and 77 hours during the summer program incorporating research-based activities that include homework help, tutoring, enrichment, and Oklahoma C3Academic Standard aligned learning activities in both core subject areas (English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies) and non-core subject areas (nutrition and health, art, music, and technology). ALPHA will extend learning activities to families such as literacy, library, technology, and service learning. The 21st CCLC will be staffed with caring, relationship-building staff willing to encourage students to learn, grow, and develop into well-rounded, educated citizens.

Coalgate Public Schools

Program Director: Lisa Girten
Address: 2 West Cedar, Coalgate, OK 74538
Program Center: Emmerson Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: Pre-K - 6th
Program Abstract: 
Coalgate's Emerson Elementary learning center will target 205 at-risk and low performing students in PK-6, but will serve all 359 students who choose to participate.The goals of the project mirror the state and national goals. Strategies include 1) an aggressive attempt to reverse unhealthy conditions that are at the root of poor performance, 2) scientifically research-based curricula infused with consequential enrichment, 3) tutoring, mentoring, and homework help, and 4) community outreach that serves both families and children. Expected outcomes are improved academic performance and healthier behaviors, increased teacher competencies, greater parental participation, and client satisfaction.

Fort Cobb-Broxton School District

Program Director: Natalie Lierle
Address: 407 North 6th, Fort Cobb, OK 73038
Program Center: Fort Cobb-Broxton Elementary School and Fort Cobb-Broxton Middle School
Grade Levels Served:
Program Abstract: 
The program, "Accelerate Academic Achievement" (A3) will provide a safe place and exciting programming for before and after school, and 4 weeks during summer vacation to raise student achievement in all areas of the curriculum with an emphasis on reading and math.   

Students will have homework help, mentoring and tutoring, curriculum studies that are supported by technology, virtual field trips, academic enrichment activities and education on nutrition and healthy bodies.  Students will use new technologies that are not available during regular school to include interactive whiteboards and iPads.  All necessary transportation will be provided. 

A3 includes adult programming that will include quarterly sessions on ways parents can become involved with their children's literacy activities and GED and parenting classes.  

Hartshorne Public Schools

Program Director: Jennifer Hunt
Address: 520 South 5th Street, Hartshorne, OK 74547
Program Center: Hartshorne Elementary
Grade Levels Served: K - 12th
Program Abstract: 
In 2012, Hartshorne Public Schools and Jones Academy will transform the way K-12 students learn through a project called The World Outside Our Walls. It will be unique from traditional learning in the following ways: 1) It will use inquiry-based learning in all subject areas; 2) it will use Oklahoma Academic Standard-based learning in all subject areas; 3) it will be specialized in regards to the heritage of all students, particularly the students who are integrating from the K-6 Native American boarding school; and 4) it will allow teachers to use professional development to augment their content delivery.Hartshorne's Advisory Committee believes that it has constructed a program that will use transformation to help students overcome obstacles. This will be accomplished through intense tutoring and mentoring sessions, enrichment activities with the help of community partners, solid professional development, service learning activities, and activities aimed at helping at-risk students. 

Lane Elementary School

Program Director: Sharon Holcomb
Address: 601 West McGee Creek Road, Lane, OK 74555
Program Center:
Grade Levels Served: Pre-K - 8th
Program Abstract: 
This program will include enrichment activities that will stimulate students' minds and increase their proficiency in core subject areas of reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, music and art. Innovative activities such as a mobile greenhouse will entice and interest students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. A special emphasis will be placed on activities that enhance student knowledge and appreciation of wellness activities and community service. The activities will use qualified partner agencies, research-based and research-proven curriculum, trained certified staff, and tutors, mentors, and role models of all ages.  

Muldrow School

Program Director: Clifta Fugett
Address: 715 West Shawntel Smith Boulevard, Muldrow, OK 74948
Program Center: Muldrow Elementary School and Muldrow Middle School
Grade Levels Served:
Program Abstract: 
The PAWS Program will be a successful program with the key partners to provide activities and services that the district cannot provide.  The Muldrow Administration and the Advisory Committee is committed to have a successful program by providing transportation home from the after-school program, and to and from school for the summer centers.  The goals of the PAWS program are the five goals suggested by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Peavine Elementary School

Program Director: Johnny Hensley
Address: 77943 HWY 59 North, Stilwell, OK 74960
Program Center:
Grade Levels Served: K - 8th
Program Abstract:
The Peavine Paths to Success project will use local and area entities to meet academic, behavioral, mental health, and career-based goals for at least 99 K-8 students. More than 70% of regularly attending students will score "proficient" or higher on the state CRT reading and mathematics tests. Each year, the percentage of "at-risk" students who score "proficient" or higher on state CRT reading and mathematics tests will increase by 5 percentage points. Student participants in the program will meet yearly benchmarks in social and emotional competency, increased skills in work habits, and in academic efficacy. "At-risk" students will receive individualized tutoring and counseling based on RTI tenets that will improve student performance in the classroom and on tests. Partner agencies will offer extended day enrichment activities that will expand student understanding of reading, literacy, mathematics, science, nutrition, health, art, music, and technology.  

Poteau Public Schools

Program Director: Tammy England
Address: 100 Mockingbird Lane, Poteau, OK 74953
Program Center: Poteau Elementary School and Poteau High School
Grade Levels Served: Pre-K - 12th
Program Abstract: 
Poteau Public School partnered with the Poteau Boys and Girls Club to operate the FACES 21st CCLC.  The goal of the project is to increase educational achievement; social and emotional skills; nutrition, health habits and fitness among our students and families.  High-quality academic enrichment in core content areas will be delivered through project-based activities, engaging students in hands-on learning to expands learning from the regular school day.  The B & G Club serves as the primary partner. The opportunity to participate will be open to all students in the District. Students and parents will have opportunities to learn together-family literacy, parenting classes and community service.  

Santa Fe South Elementary Charter

Program Director: Amanda Boyd
Address: 301 SE 38th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73129
Program Center: Santa Fe South Elementary Charter School
Grade Levels Served:
Program Abstract: 
The program goals of the Santa Fe South Boys & Girls Club are to improve both academic and non-academic outcomes for regularly attending participants; promote a physically and emotionally safe place to attend and continual instruction to promote healthy bodies, minds, and habits; provide opportunities for parents and students to learn and connect with their community together; and build organizational capacity to deliver high-quality programming to all participants attending 21st CCLC programming. 

Shady Point Public Schools

Program Director: Angel Morrison
Address: 22838 Wheelus Street, Shady Point, OK 74956
Program Center:
Grade Levels Served: Pre-K - 8th
Program Abstract: 
Shady Point -- a K-8 school in the impoverished area of far eastern Oklahoma - have joined forces will partner agencies to STEM the tide of academic failure and negative life situations in their students through a comprehensive after-school and summer program that targets students' Safety, Technology, Enrichment, Momentum. The STEM acronym has the added meaning of science, technology, engineering, and math - four crucial areas of learning for a student's success and part of many of this program's efforts. These four emphases will help create students and graduates who practice personal well-being, master technology tools, understand real-world applications or core concepts, and have plans for success after graduation. Ultimately, the effect of the four emphases will be academic success. Each student will improve by at least 20 percent from the previous year in the classroom - specifically in STEM subjects - and on state standardized tests.  

Stratford Public Schools

Program Director: Laticia Vacca
Address: 241 North Oak, Stratford, OK 74872
Program Center:
Grade Levels Served: Pre-K - 12th
Program Abstract: 
The academic enrichment programs offered in Stratford's learning centers will be designed to provide remedial education activities to students who are currently under-performing or who may be at risk of not maximizing their potential for academic achievement. Staff will use scientifically proven curricula for both core academics and for enrichment methodology that is shown to increase student achievement and modify behaviors through authentic activities.

Proven curriculum models will address performance gaps as follows: Living Smart - tutoring services, homework assistance, mentoring programs, reading partnerships, and parental involvement; Living Healthy - physical education, nutrition, and wellness programs to address inactivity, obesity, diabetes, and substance abuse; Living Authentically - hands-on enrichment that relate to academics; Living Cooperatively - character education to improve social, civic, and personal skills; Living Enriched - arts education activities. 

T.O.U.C.H. Tulsa

Program Director: K.J. and Kimberly Jackson
Address: 1401 West Charles Page Boulevard, Tulsa, OK 74127
Program Center: Mark Twain Elementary School and Central Junior High School
Grade Levels Served: K - 8th
Program Abstract: 
The Zone 21stCCLC program addresses both the social & academic needs at Mark Twain ES & Central Jr. High. Our highly integrated hands-on STEM based curriculum provides academic enrichment to enhance daytime learning & improve both academic & non-academic outcomes for all students. Students have mentoring opportunities, as well as homework help, from both highly qualified staff & caring community volunteers. Remedial education, drug/violence prevention, service learning, physical wellness education, & STEM education are all incorporated into the Zone. SHINE, a Music/Arts character building program, is designed to prevent students from being truant, suspended, or expelled. Financial responsibility & stewardship is promoted as part of our entrepreneurial education. Students create, manage, & staff their very own startup business. The Zone also services the entire family through adult education classes, family resource help through TOUCH's social services, & family literacy/fun events. 

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 Cohort 11 (2012-2013)

Boone-Apache Public Schools

Program Director: Marsha Cook
Address: Post Office Box 354, Apache, Oklahoma 73006
Program Center: Apache Elementary School, Apache Middle School
Grade Levels Served: K-9
Program Abstract: 

Project APACHE will provide students with time for homework supported by tutors and mentors; exciting technology tools that support and increase interest in curriculum studies; field trips around and away from Apache;  virtual field trips that take students across the globe and into space; enrichment opportunities that include art, music, photography, guitar lessons, etc.; civic activities that teach citizenship and community responsibilities; and projects to support the community that are accomplished with the support of parents.

Project APACHE includes programming for parents and community members that includes technology, nutrition and first aid; areas that are vital to the health and welfare of Apache residents.  This project also provides cost-free care for children before and afterschool and four weeks during the summer.  Parents will be relieved to know their children are being well cared for and provided with activities that promote education; while at the same time knowing they are happy and having fun.

Indiahoma Public Schools

Program Director: Carrie Thomason
Address: Post Office Box 8, Indiahoma, Oklahoma 73552
Program Center: Indiahoma Elementary School, Indiahoma High School
Grade Levels Served: K-12
Program Abstract: 

Indiahoma's 21st CCLC will be a safe (bully-free), supervised place for students to receive a snack, get assistance for their homework, and contribute to something greater than themselves.  The 21st CCLC students will be taught, supervised and mentored by empathetic, excited adult staff, and will receive nutritious snacks as well as hands on instruction in core curriculum and physical exercise.

The Indiahoma students will gain much more than just 'standing by'; The Indiahoma's 21st CCLC, TA NATEME (Our Town) will motivate our students to become students who are 'standing for' the future.  Our school library will have expanded library hours so that students can complete research during the after school classes.  Also, we will have career readiness skills programs and curriculum for student to learn about borrowing money for business, developing business plans, and making items for sales to put back into the program.  Students will be encouraged and rewarded for being on time, and will complete interest inventories and academic studies will be geared to the results of the students interest.  Mentoring and job shadowing will occur so that the high risk students will be able to see the relevance between academics and their future.

Jay Public Schools

Program Director: Michelle Stockton
Address: Post Office Box 630, Jay, Oklahoma 74346
Program Center: Jay Elementary School, Jay Middle School
Grade Levels Served: K-9
Program Abstract: 

Jay Public Schools and Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware County - Jay Unit have partnered with the Cherokee Nation, Delaware County Extension - OSU, Northeastern State University, Chamber of Commerce, ROCMND Youth Services, and JayCAN to positively impact at-risk youth in the Jay community. Students targeted to participate in 21st CCLC activities include PreK-9th grades. The "J" Club 21st CCLC, through dedicated staff and partners, will provide the following services, 1. Provide out-of-school access to safe, quality activities for students focused on academic enrichment among all content areas and self-improvement through a morning "Breakfast Club," After-school Clubs, Freshmen Fridays, Summer Learning Academies, and a three-day Summer Freshmen Academy; 2. Provide healthy snacks to foster and promote nutrition and wellness; 3.Provide programs that promote and deliver effective substance abuse and anti-social behavior strategies, prevention and programs to promote healthy bodies, minds, and habits; 4. Provide programs that foster and promote service and leadership among youth and collaboration with community partners to benefit the overall community; 5. Provide programs that meet the individual needs of students through the services of a counselor and/or reading specialist; 6. Provide access to numerous resources, including extending library hours; and 7. Provide positive mentors (including peer mentors) to provide meaningful connections for students to the 21st CCLC and school.

Madill Public Schools

Program Director: Kristy Birdsong
Address: 601 West McArthur, Madill, Oklahoma 73446
Program Center: Madill Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: K-8
Program Abstract: 

Due to low reading and math scores on our OCCTs, Madill Elementary and the Madill School District are on Year One of Schools in Need of Improvement and have been identified by the SDE as a Focus School. After disaggregating our test scores, compiling data from a school and community needs assessment, and taking recommendations from our student, staff, parent and community school leadership improvement teams as well as a Community 21st grant meeting, the 21st Century Advisory Team has determined that offering before, after, and summer school programs will improve the academic achievement of our students by providing a safe, nurturing and structured environment for intensive remediation, tutoring, assistance with homework, and acceleration, as well as a plethora of activities for improving mental and physical health. Some of the specific services our learning center programs will provide are homework assistance, enrichment activities, technology education, family literacy and educational programs, counseling services, safety programs, career guidance and planning, numerous participation clubs, recreational activities, and a wellness program.

Marble City Public Schools

Program Director: Debra McConnell
Address: Post Office Box 10, Marble City, Oklahoma 74945
Program Center: Marble City School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract: 

The Marble City Masters Classes 21st Century Community Learning Center will provide after school and summer school programs for at-risk students, families, and the community.  The program will provide a menu of choices for students including: educational activities, health, social services, recreation, cultural programs, and parental activities.  The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is the primary partner for the 21st Century Community Center.

Educational assistance will provide remediation, sustainment and enrichment for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8.  Assistance will be in the form of tutoring, homework assistance, basic skill development, computer-assisted instruction, activity-based learning, and computer technology.  Educational activities to reinforce day school curriculum will be provided in all subject areas and library hours will be extended to encourage more opportunities for reading.  Health issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, healthy eating habits and self-esteem will be a component of the program along with physical and wellness activities.  Healthy snacks will be provided.  Cultural programs, art, music, service learning, and civic education will allow students to grow into well-rounded citizens. 

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Morris Public Schools

Program Director: James Lyons
Address: Post Office Box 80, Morris, Oklahoma 74445
Program Center: Morris Elementary and Morris Middle Schools
Grade Levels Served: PreK-9
Program Abstract: 

Morris Motivates Students (MMS) is a 21st Century Community Center that provides students of Morris Public Schools with before school, after school, and summer school programs.  This program is in association with community partners including the Okmulgee Wildlife Area, Okmulgee YMCA, OSU Extension Office, Morris State Bank, OSU IT, Creek Nation of Oklahoma, and Okmulgee County Youth Services.  With so much support from local business and industry, this program will provide so much more than a traditional after school program. Students will be able to participate in an outdoor classroom; learn about careers and have job training opportunities; go on field trips; participate in outdoor experiments and art projects; learn the Creek language; participate in tutoring and homework services; and experience academic enrichment learning programs in all subject areas.

Parents will also have many opportunities through the program.  Parents and community members alike can participate by volunteering to assist in program activities.  Parents will be able to learn about career opportunities for their children, chaperone field trips, attend parenting classes, and enjoy evenings with their children at the center. Service-learning will be a key component of the program and will be regularly integrated into the program.  The students and parents will be encouraged to participate together in these activities that will include:   constructing habitat boxes and feeders for the wildlife area; build an outdoor classroom at the school; begin a recycling program; compost; and hold a local voter registration drive.

Tipton Public Schools

Program Director: Shane Boothe
Address:1000 South Broadway Street, Tipton, Oklahoma 73570
Program Center: Tipton Elementary School and Tipton High School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-12
Program Abstract: 

Tipton Public Schools is teaming with Oklahoma State University Tillman County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service and other community partners to provide extended learning and enrichment opportunities for students grades PreK-12 at two sites: Tipton Elementary School and Tipton High School. District resources, including the library, computer lab, and student issued laptops, will be extended to students during the Tiger Leader 21st CCLC. Students who attend the program will receive individualized homework help, tutoring, and mentoring. 21st CCLC staff and students will integrate the Leader in Me model for leadership and establishing a student mentor program. Students will participate in academic and enrichment activities aligned with the Oklahoma C3 Standards to be college, career, and citizen ready. Enrichment activities will be provided for reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, civics, health, fitness, and technology education. Specific services are planned for students with limited English proficiency and their family members. Counseling will be provided to meet the needs of at-risk youth. OSU Extension, local churches, and community-based volunteers will assist students with the planning and implementation of service learning projects. Parents and/or guardians will be invited to join their child during Family Nights to learn together, and they will participate in community service together.

Warner Public Schools

Program Director: Charla Jackson
Address: Rural Route 1, Box1240, Warner, Oklahoma 74469
Program Center: 
Grade Levels Served: PreK-12
Program Abstract: 

Warner Public Schools, in collaboration with community partners, is proposing to serve an estimated 450 students (196 students with 30 days or more in the program) in grades PreK-12 through the Warner Eagles 21st Century Community Learning Center. With a focus on students identified as "high-risk," expected outcomes include: higher test scores in core learning areas, improved grades, increased parenting skills, increased technology skills, increased appreciation for the arts, improved health and fitness, and increased opportunities for service learning. Our primary partner, Connors State College, will assist us in meeting the needs of high-risk students by providing mentoring opportunities for students and also providing middle and high school students with "connection to college" opportunities. The 21st CCLC combines community resources and local, state, and federal resources resulting in a program which will be safe, supervised, and cost-effective. It will provide before-school, after-school, and summer services to youth and their families. 

Yarbrough Public Schools

Program Director: Nancy Roberts
Address: Rural Route 1, Box 31, Goodwell, Oklahoma 73939
Program Center: Yarbrough School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-12
Program Abstract: 

The PowerUp! 21st CCLC will include 176 days of out-of-school activities. Students will be offered extended learning opportunities before-school, after-school, and during the summer. Quality, research-based activities and strategies aligned to the Oklahoma C3 Standards will be provided to students and their families, including: 1) homework assistance, remediation, tutoring, and mentoring; 2) academic enrichment in reading/language arts, mathematics, science, social studies/civics, the arts, and technology; 3) healthy life skills, character education, and good nutrition and exercise; 4) service-learning; 5) specific services for LEP and migrant students; and 6) parent connection. Student voice and student choice will help the Advisory Committee and project staff in designing program activities. Each student participating in the PowerUp! 21st CCLC will receive a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack through the USDA program. 

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Cohort 10 (2011-2012)

Agra Public Schools

Program Director: Holly Hilgenfeld
Address: 112 South Main, Agra, Oklahoma 74824
Program Center: Agra Elementary School and Agra High School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-12
Program Abstract: 

Agra Public Schools has created Project 21C to provide a broad spectrum of before and after school educational enrichment programs and summer educational opportunities to over 425 rural Lincoln County students in grades Pre-K through twelve (12). The district will offer a wide range of enrichment activities to students enrolled in that districts elementary and high school sites. Services will include enrichment and enhancement in the four core content areas, as well as concentrated arts based programming, field trips, physical recreation, nutrition and health services, cultural enrichment and technology and entrepreneurial activities.

Asher Public Schools

Program Director: Shawna Magby
Address: 201 South Division Street, Asher, Oklahoma 74826
Program Center: Asher Elementary School and Asher High School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-12
Program Abstract: 

Asher LEADS program offers cross-curricular, multi sensory learning opportunities that encourages active life-long learning that engages and enhances the whole student both mentally and physically.

Grand View Public School

Program Director: Christie Stratton
Address: 15481 North Jarvis Road, Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464
Program Center: Grand View Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract: 

Grand View School's Project Impact is a cooperative effort between the 21st CCLC staff and the Harstell Psychological service to provide group counseling along with academic projects, Cherokee language, Cherokee art and tutoring in an after school environment.

Harrah Public Schools

Program Director: Megan Bloom
Address: 20665 Walker Street, Harrah, Oklahoma 73045
Program Center: Russell Babb Elementary School and Harrah Middle School
Grade Levels Served: K-12
Program Abstract: 

Harrah Public Schools plans to expand its commitment to student success through a 21st Century Community Learning Center that will operate after school and during the summer. The main goals of the program are to increase student achievement in core curriculum and to provide a safe and positive environment for children outside of regular school hours.

Maryetta Public School

Program Director: Nancy Neff
Address: Rural Route 6 Box 2840, Stilwell, Oklahoma 74960
Program Center: Maryetta Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: K-8
Program Abstract: 

Expand services by offering before and after school programs that focus on academic, social, civic and physical well-being.

Norwood Public Schools

Program Director: Diana Garnatz
Address: 7966 West 790 Road, Hulbert, Oklahoma 74441
Program Center: Norwood Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract:

 The project proposes to serve 140 impoverished students and 35 parents. Norwood, Oklahoma, a rurally isolated school in Cherokee County with a severely limited community infrastructure to support education, proposes to mobilize community and area resources in a major school/community reform process. This collaborative effort will include six cooperating agencies, with its principal partner Girls and Boys Club of Tahlequah. 

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Ringwood Public Schools

Program Director: Denise Bowers
Address: Rural Route 2 Box 239, Ringwood, Oklahoma 73768
Program Center: Ringwood Elementary School and Ringwood High School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-12
Program Abstract: 

The Red Devil Academy will serve two isolated northwest Oklahoma towns in one of the least populated counties in America. The RDA has resulted from changing poverty and demographic rates forcing us to re-think the strategies needed to maintain our traditionally high academic standards by thinking outside of the school day in order to maintain those standards.

Salina Public Schools

Program Director: Honesti Williams
Address: 907 Saltwell, Salina, Oklahoma 74365
Program Center: Salina Elementary and Middle Schools
Grade Levels Served: 1-8
Program Abstract: 

To improve the learning of the students. To assist in tutoring at risk students to help them to improve to reach the test score that are necessary for graduation. To help improve social skills. We want them to have the advantage of getting the extra growth in that they need.

Sentinel Public Schools

Program Director: Paula Combs
Address: 708 East Washington Street, Sentinel, Oklahoma 73664
Program Center: McMurray Elementary School and Middle School
Grade Levels Served: 1-12
Program Abstract: 

Sentinel Public Schools is teaming with numerous partners to provide extended learning and enrichment opportunities for students grades 1-12. The before-school program will be provide Monday-Friday from 7:30-8:30 a.m.. After-school programming will be Monday-Thursday from 3:20-5:30 p.m., and summer school programming will be Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for 20 days. District resources including the library, computer labs, will be extended to students during the B.E.S.T. program (Bulldogs Extended School Time).

Western Heights Public Schools

Program Director: Hayden Roberts
Address: 8005 Southwest 44th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73179
Program Center: Greenvale Elementary School and John Glenn Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: 2-3
Program Abstract: 

Western Heights' Higher Heights 21st CCLC Program provides after school academic and extra-curricular programs to students across the district. Working with the local YMCA, we assist low performing and at-risk students grades 2-5.

Yukon Public Schools

Program Director: Paula Woolfe
Address: 600 Maple Drive, Yukon, Oklahoma 73099
Program Center: Yukon Middle School
Grade Levels Served: 6-8
Program Abstract: 

Yukon Public Schools and the Yukon Community Education program have partnered with the City of Yukon and its agencies, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce and St. John Nepomuk Catholic School, to positively impact at-risk Yukon youth at the middle school level in grades six, seven, and eight through an innovative Active Community Teens 21st Century Community Learning Center.

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Cohort 9 (2010-2011)

Arkoma Public Schools

Program Director: Shelly Harmon
Address: 622 Cook Street, Arkoma, Oklahoma 74901
Program Center: Arkoma Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract: 

Arkoma Public Schools has partnered witht he Boys and Girls Club of LeFlore County to operate a 21st CCLC Program in the elementary school. The goal of the project is to increase students' academic achievement, wellness, and social skills and to support families by extending the school day and year.

Caney Valley Public Schools

Program Director: Kacy Medlin
Address: 401 West Main Street, Ochelata, Oklahoma 74051
Program Center: Caney Valley Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: K-5
Program Abstract: 

Our project is an after school enrichment program. We provide homework help, recreational, math, science, music and art activities.

Checotah Public Schools

Program Director: Heather Ambrose
Address: 205 Owens Avenue, Checotah, Oklahoma 74426
Program Center: Checotah Middle School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract: 

TEAM will serve both elementary and secondary students in the Checotah Public Schools. The TEAM program is completely different from the regular day. The TEAM will provide activities after school and when school is not in session during the summer break. All programs are to be implemented to increase skills in core subject areas.

Cottonwood Public School

Program Director: Susan Eddings
Address: Post Office Box 347, Coalgate, Oklahoma 74538
Program Center: Cottonwood Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract: 

Cottonwood provides extended day, morning and afternoon, that targets improved academic performance to help high special needs and low socioeconomic students through extended studies, improved nutrition and fitness and enrichment programs. Cottonwood has 4 weeks of summer camps and tutoring during the month of June.

Henryetta Public Schools

Program Director: Rick Enis
Address: 1801 Troy Aikman Drive, Henryetta, Oklahoma 74437
Program Center: Henryetta Elementary School and Henryetta High School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract:

 The Henryetta STAIRS program will be held each day from 3:00 - 5:30 p.m. during the school year and 3 weeks during the summer. During the program, family members will be given the opportunity to participate in computer programs as well as family literacy. The common goal is to offer, provide, and assist students with what they need and can use to develop their life.

Hulbert Public Schools

Program Director: Rhonda Clay
Address: Post Office Box 188, Hulbert, Oklahoma 74441
Program Center: Hulbert Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract: 

Our after school program serves students in Pre-K through 8th grade. Each day our students begin with snack time and then move on to participate in activity time and power hour. We have various mentors and volunteers that also participate in our program.

Idabel Public Schools

Program Director: Linda DeBerry
Address: 200 Northeast Avenue C
Program Center: Central Elementary School and Idabel Middle School
Grade Levels Served: 1-12
Program Abstract:

 The 21st CCLC will provide organized extended day learning and enrichment opportunities to students to complement the school day. All activities will be conducted in a safe and drug-free environment under supervision of professional staff and caring adults. Positive role models from the community will help in providing an environment where students will be motivated to learn outside the school day.

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Kingfisher Public Schools

Program Director: Terry Willis
Address: 601 South 13th, Kingfisher, Oklahoma 73750
Program Center: Kingfisher Middle School
Grade Levels Served: 3-8
Program Abstract: 

STARS-Students Together Achieving Remarkable Success The program will address all aspects of students lives including conflict resolution, study skills, CPR training, counseling, time management skills, substance abuse prevention, entrepreneurship skills, safety, and healthy lifestyles training. Services provided at each site include: 1. Substance abuse and violence prevention, 2. Tutoring and mentoring. 3. Homework centers. 4. Cultural, historical, and arts enrichments. 5. Health and nutrition enrichments. 6. Healthy lifestyles including nutrition, life-long sports. 7. Family education in adult literacy, parenting skills, and technology training. 8. Enrichments in all core subject areas. 9. Service learning projects. 

Prague Public Schools

Program Director: Chad Smith
Address: 3504 NBU, Prague, Oklahoma 74864
Program Center: Prague Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract: 

The Czech Point 21st CCLC will provide after school and summer school programs for Pre-K through 8th at-risk students, families, and the community. The program will provide a menu of choices for students including: educational activities, health, social services, recreation, cultural programs, and parental activities. The Turning Point Coalition is the primary partner in this project with additional partnerships including: Haynie Public Library, and Lincoln County Health Department, Prague Kiwanis Club, Vision Bank, and BancFirst. Assistance will be in the form of tutoring, homework assistance, basic skill development, computer-assisted instruction, activity-based learning, and computer technology. Educational activities to reinforce day school curriculum will be provided in all subject areas and library hours will be extended to encourage more opportunities for reading.

Stigler Public Schools

Program Director: Tom Kettles
Address: 309 Northwest E Street, Stigler, Oklahoma, 74462
Program Center: Stigler Elementary School and Stigler Middle School
Grade Levels Served: K-7
Program Abstract:

This project will provide a safe haven for a large number of our unsupervised"latch-key" students. Students will be offered the opportunity for homework assistance, tutoring, and enrichment opportunities in the core academic areas with the main emphasis on math and reading. The project will be open for 12 hours per week during the school year. The main barrier to the intended project is the lack of funds. The requested amount was for $322,000 and we were funded for $100,000. Another barrier we have encountered in the number of students served. We had planned for about 100 students to attend and currently we are averaging about 200 students per day. This is a very positive response and we are certainly excited, however with the lack of funding this will immanently affect our programs length of operation.

Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City, Inc.

Program Director: Lonnetta Smith
Address: 3900 North Martin Luther King Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111
Program Center: Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City
Grade Levels Served: 7-12
Program Abstract:
The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City, Inc. is collaborating with the Oklahoma City Public District and numerous community partners to provide extended learning and enrichment opportunities for students in grade seven-12 attending Frederick A. Douglass Middle and High School.

Walters Public Schools

Program Director: John Robinson
Address: 418 South Broadway, Walters, Oklahoma 73572
Program Center: Walters Elementary School and Walters Middle School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract: 

We are an after school program that addresses community and student needs through a collaborative and comprehensive program from 3 pm to 6 pm, four days per week. Objectives will support increased academic enrichment in core subject areas by providing student-centered, art-integrated activities that engage students in their own learning.

Program Director: Tony Mitchell
Address: 6th and Oak, Watts, Oklahoma 74964
Program Center: Watts Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-7
Program Abstract: 

The 21st Century grant provides the students/parents of the Watts community to have opportunities that they might not have otherwise. Music and Art education is vital to the education of the whole child. Unfortunately, during the regular school day, those are not offered to our students. However, with the 21st century grant, our student now have that opportunity. The greatest barrier according to our parents was how to get students home from the after-school program. The 21st century grant has allowed us to offer transportation to normal bus students. This small achievement has increased our enrollment tremendously.

Whitefield Public School

Program Director: Tara Buckmaster
Address: 107 South Redding, Whitefield, Oklahoma 74472
Program Center: Whitefield Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: PreK-8
Program Abstract: 

Whitefield Elementary School will use literacy education as a basis for many activities in its innovative 21st Century Community Learning Center to serve all Whitefield students from age 3 to 14. It will also offer education and involvement to parents and area residents.

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