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2015 Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) are available for download on the Accountability Resources page


2015 Average Scale Scores for Federally Required Assessments are now available for download.


State assessment data by school and district are available for school years 2014 and 2015.


School designation data from SY 2015 are now available for download.


Governor Fallin has approved two emergency administrative rule amendments pertaining to accountability. Both amendments will take effect in the 2015-2016 school year.

A student shall be considered a FAY student if the student is enrolled within the first twenty (20) instructional days of the school's instructional year through and including the date of the administration of the exam, and has not experienced an enrollment lapse of ten (10) or more consecutive instructional days.

Students who have been placed in a state juvenile facility or a full time residential facility providing educational services to students by joint agreement with one or more school districts, including facilities that have been assigned a separate site code by State Department of Education, will not be used in the accountability for the site or district of residence for the students.


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Last updated on June 8, 2017