Committee of Practitioners



Each State Education Agency that receives funds under Title I shall create a State committee of practitioners to advise the State in carrying out the responsibilities under Title I. SEC. 1903(b)(1)

The State Education Agency has involved the committee of practitioners established under section 1903(b) in developing the Title I plan and monitoring its implementation. Section 1111(c)(11)

Program Statute

Public Law 107 - 110 § 1903(b)(1); Public Law 107 - 110 § 111(c)(11)


The committee shall include -

  • As a majority of its members, representatives from Local Education Agencies;
  • Administrators, including the administrators of programs described in other parts of this title;
  • Teacher, including vocational educators;
  • Parents;
  • Members of local school boards;
  • Representatives of private school children; and
  • Pupil services personnel.

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Allison Lovett, Angela Rhodes, Diana Beaulieu, Diane Chowning, Diane Floyd, Earl Johnson, Heather Wakefield, Ira Harris, Jackie White

Jeff DeWitt, Jennifer Daves, Jill Hendricks, Josh Brock, Julie Dawson, Karel Nichols, Karl White, Kathy Dunn, Kristin Arnold, Lisa Linden

Randy Hughes, Rex Wall, Rick Peters, Rob Griffin, Sarah Hall, Sherry Coates, Tamra Phelan, Teresa Donahue, Teri Vogele, Terry Fraley, and 

Tyler Bridges



The duties of the committee shall include a review, before publication, of any proposed or final State rule or regulation pursuant to this Title. In an emergency situation where such rule or regulation must be issues within a very limited time to assist Local Education Agencies with the operation of the program under this Title, the State Education Agency may issue a regulation without prior consultation, but shall immediately thereafter convene the State committee of practitioners to review the emergency regulation before issuance in final form.


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