Director’s Leadership Support Network

Oklahoma Special Education Director's Leadership Support Network

Special Education Services of the Oklahoma State Department of Education in cooperation with representatives from twelve school districts, Oklahoma Directors of Special Services (ODSS), Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration (CCOSA), and the Personnel Improvement Center of the National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) have developed a voluntary support program for school district Special Education Directors with two years or less of experience. The Advisory Board (made of representatives from the groups listed above) has identified competencies which directors must have to be effective. The Advisory Board has also identified the related responsibilities and duties within the competencies.

The support offered through this program is based upon providing experiences for the new directors to enable them to perform their responsibilities and related duties effectively. The presenters will be Special Education Services staff, veteran special education directors, and others identified by the Advisory Board.

The support to be provided will consist of:

  • New Special Education Directors’ Leadership Institutes - four full-day sessions will be offered during the academic school year (August, November, January, and June). The competencies covered during these Institutes will be those the Advisory Board has determined can best be learned in a face-to-face setting. These sessions will also allow the new directors to network with each other and with the presenters. Each of the Institutes will be independent from the other three so that directors appointed during the academic year may begin to attend after appointment if there is space available.
  • Webinars with Follow-Up BLOG Discussions - The responsibilities and duties within the identified competencies which the Advisory Board has determined can be effectively learned in settings other than face-to-face will be offered through webinars with follow-up threaded discussions led by the presenters. The webinars will be offered in September, October, and February. These webinars and related threaded discussions will be archived for those directors who are unavailable during the broadcast or who are appointed after the broadcast.
  • BLOG - The BLOG established for the treaded discussions related to webinars will also be used to post best practices, successful efforts by districts, and important changes in the law or related regulations.
  • Mentoring - twelve veteran directors who are currently in Special Education Directors’ position or recently retired from such position will be identified through an application-recommendation process by the Advisory Board. These mentors will be given training in the skills and strategies required in the adult mentoring process. New directors will be able to contact mentors of their choosing by telephone or email as they have need. They will not be authorized to give any “legal” advice.

It is proposed that new Special Education Directors must apply to participate in the support system and that their Superintendents must support their application, agreeing that they will attend each of the four Institutes, view each of the webinars, and post questions as necessary as part of the threaded BLOG discussion.

For More Information Contact:
Susan Ellis, State Personnel Development Grant Project Director, (405) 522-4365

Last updated on March 16, 2012