Local High Schools’ ACT scores released

ACT, Inc. today released to the Oklahoma State Department of Education 2008 ACT scores for every high school in the state. The information (see attached) includes each high school's average composite score on the college-entrance exam as well as their subscores in English, reading, mathematics and science.

"We hope local school leaders, board members, teachers, parents and students will closely analyze these scores to identify local students' academic strengths and weaknesses," State Superintendent Sandy Garrett. "We don't want this information to collect dust on a shelf , but rather be used in a strategic manner to improve course offerings and college preparedness of local high school students."

Earlier this year, Garrett and her fellow state Board of Education members voted to require high school principals to annually present the college remediation rates of their students in a regular meeting of their local board of education. The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education rely on ACT subscores for compiling college remediation rates, which are typically released in February.

ACT, Inc. also reported today that Oklahoma's statewide average composite score held steady with the Class of 2008 at 20.7. However, the testing company indicated the national score dropped to 21.1 following national declines in English, reading and, most noticeably, science.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Per federal FERPA guidelines, only public high schools that had five or more students take the ACT are included on the attached spreadsheet.

Last updated on August 22, 2012