Lead District Training Guidelines

As part of your leadership role in the REAC3H Network, you have agreed to the following
responsibilities related to training of other districts:

Host regular meetings based on OSDE guidelines
Provide OSDE-developed training on CCSS and other related topics
Disseminate professional development (tools, resources, model curricula, etc.) to area districts
Collect data on implementation effectiveness
Submit annual report on REAC3H activities, participation, and implementation

Below, you will find guidelines to help you meet this commitment.

Hosting Regular Meetings Using OSDE-developed Training Materials

1. The OSDE will provide two training toolkits in each of these time periods: Fall 2011,
Spring 2012, Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013. Additional toolkits
may be designed, as needed.
2. After receiving training on use of each toolkit, via videoconference or webinar, lead
districts will deliver professional development using the toolkit by hosting a regional
meeting, providing training at a site determined by participating districts within the
region, or making training available to participating districts through webinar/video
3. Lead districts will support participating districts in the understanding and use of followup
activities and resources provided by OSDE.

Collecting Data on Implementation

1. Lead districts will collect attendance and evaluation forms at all REAC3H Network
2. Lead districts will submit an attendance and evaluation summary on the template
provided by OSDE at the end of Fall and Spring school semesters, and at the end of
summer break (if training occurs). Forms may be submitted through e-mail to
3. At the end of each school year, lead districts will submit a summary report by responding
to an online survey sent from OSDE. 

Last updated on January 12, 2012