Superintendent Janet Barresi to testify before Kansas Education Committee

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi has been invited to give testimony Thursday to the Kansas State House Education Committee about Oklahoma’s progress in passing and implementing conservative education reforms.

“I’m excited to tell our neighboring state about the bold reforms we passed last year thanks to our State Legislature and Gov. Fallin,” Barresi said. “I will detail how we are moving forward in implementing these reforms – through our waiver request from No Child Left Behind, which will give our school districts needed flexibility, to the expansion of programs that will give schools more transparency and more data to drive decision making, and parents more choice.”

Kansas Representative Clay Aurand and chairman of the House Education Committee said, “Oklahoma is doing some very exciting things to raise student achievement and we wanted to learn from one of the leaders of those efforts.  I share Dr. Barresi’s passion for providing challenging educational opportunities to students and I know our committee will benefit from our southern neighbor’s experience.”

While in Topeka, Barresi plans to outline her C³ plan, which assures each student in Oklahoma will be college, career and citizen ready by the year 2020.

She also will discuss reforms such as third-grade graduation, which will put an end to social promotion and make sure each child can read on grade level before passing from third to fourth grade; A-F report cards for schools, which will transform obscure metrics into easy-to-understand grading systems for parents and community members; Achieving Classroom Excellence requirements, which require high school seniors to pass four of seven end-of-instruction exams before graduating; and more educational choices through scholarship opportunities and technology offerings.

Barresi also plans to detail the state’s new Teacher Leader Effectiveness evaluation system; a new student data system, which will be rolled out in part this spring; and the transition to Oklahoma C³ Standards, which encompass Common Core State Standards and the state’s recently updated Social Studies Standards.

Last updated on January 19, 2012