REAC3H Coordinating District Awards

Congratulations to the REAC3H Coordinating Districts who received a special award at the most recent Summit! These districts were nomiated by participating districts within the local REAC3H Network who wanted to give special recognition for all of the hard work the Coordinating Districts have done. We wanted to share what other districts are saying about these REAC3H Coordinating Districts.

C3 AWARD:  Howe Public Schools

Howe Public Schools is often on the cutting edge of technology, but the educators there do not forget that all districts have a responsibility for  educating our area students. They do not approach education as if it were a competition to see who is better; they do their best to help other districts to be successful. It is very helpful having a nearby district that is prepared to present information to us.  It is also very beneficial in reduction of travel time to have an area district rising to that challenge.

Howe also hosts a Ning social network page.

COLLABORATION AWARD:  Cordell Public Schools

Cordell Public School has taken on the task of coordinating the training of the districts in Caddo and Washita Counties (15 districts) – setting up a time schedule, communicating information, and placing the training site in a convenient location (utilizing both Caddo/Kiowa CTC and the Western CTC campus).  Information given out has been presented in a way that can easily be relayed back to the local staff by those attending the trainings. Cordell Public Schools has taken this task very seriously.  It is obvious that they put in a lot of hours preparing to help us make the Common Core transition.”

OUT OF THE BOX AWARD:  Ft. Gibson Public Schools

Ft. Gibson Public Schools have been implementing the Common Core for over a year and are willing to share their journey with other school districts. Ft. Gibson welcomed us into their local network, and they have invited us to their campus and come to ours as well.


Last updated on December 8, 2017