REAC3H Coordinating District Awards

C3 AWARD: Bristow Public Schools
“Bristow Public Schools are on the cutting edge of instructional effectiveness.  They are implementing several new initiatives that are aimed at student, teacher and school improvements.  Teachers at each school are instructing their students with the rigor and relevance that is needed for 21st century skills.  Their collaborative efforts will prepare their school system as well as others in Creek County with the tools needed to meet the demands of college, career and citizen ready standards.”
“Bristow seems to be ahead of the game and is extremely organized and proficient in providing us with assistance.”


COLLABORATION AWARD: Broken Arrow Public Schools
“We would like to retitle this award ‘The Willingness to Serve Others (While Doing a Full-Time Job of Their Own) Award.’   Broken Arrow is a big district with plenty to do.  I appreciate their willingness to serve others.”
“Dr. Janet Dunlop and her team have done an outstanding job providing information to our network school districts.”


OUT OF THE BOX: Mid-Del Public Schools
“The Mid-Del central office staff has been extremely helpful and genuinely seems interested in helping the other districts.  Communication has been very good. Meetings have been well organized, and they have been responsive to adjusting as needed to accommodate the large groups by coordinating additional meetings.”
“In addition to the required REAC3H meetings, Mid-Del has even invited us to join their previously scheduled professional development days so we can benefit from the big names in education that our district cannot afford to bring in.”




Last updated on February 7, 2012