Praise for ACE requirements

Two high school principals were featured on the editorial or op-ed pages of The Oklahoman this week expressing their views about the need to press forward with Achieving Classroom Excellence (ACE) standards.

“It holds the kids accountable,” said Tamie Sanders, principal of Oklahoma City’s U.S. Grant High School.

Read more of her comments.

Jason Brunk, principal of Newcastle High School, gave a detailed list of the scores needed to pass end-of-instruction tests, which are necessary to meet ACE requirements. “Students must pass the English II test, the Algebra I test, and two of the remaining five end-of-instruction (EOI) exams,” he wrote. “They must pass a total of four EOIs or their equivalent. During the 2011 spring testing, the following approximate scores were required to ‘pass’ these tests: Algebra I (49 percent), English II (62), geometry (51), Algebra II (47), biology (55), U.S. history (55) and English III (50).”

Brunk said it is “discouraging and disappointing” to hear some legislators or even educators asking the state to back off of ACE standards.

Read his letter.

Also this week, Oklahoma City University law professor and Journal Record Columnist Andrew C. Spiropoulos admonished those who would offer lame excuses of why students aren’t ready after seven years to meet ACE requirements. He advocates that the state move away from mediocrity and not put off these standards a moment longer.

Read his column.

Last updated on March 8, 2012