April 9, 2012, Oklahoma State Board of Education Meeting Highlights

Board Recognizes Reward Schools
The Oklahoma State Board of Education in a special meeting on Monday, April 9, 2012, recognized 127 schools from throughout the state as Reward Schools. The schools also were recognized by state Legislators in a special ceremony at the State Capitol on Monday. Reward Schools are those in the top 10 percent of performance in all assessments from three years worth of data ending in 2010-11, or those in the top 10 percent of schools that have made high progress in reading and math. The designation was granted as a result of Oklahoma’s flexibility request from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act under No Child Left Behind from the U.S. Department of Education. Read more about Reward Schools, including a list of all schools. http://sde.ok.gov/sde/newsblog/2012-04-09/reward-schools-recognized-stat...

Board Approves List of C3 Partnership Schools
The State Board of Education on Monday voted to place six schools on the list of C3 Partnership Schools. Schools are: Keyes Elementary; Farris K-8; Okay High School; Shidler Elementary School, Roosevelt Middle School, both in Oklahoma City; and McLain High School in Tulsa. The board voted to table a motion to list Santa Fe South Middle School, in Oklahoma City as a C3 School, pending further review. C3 Schools were chosen from a list of 75 Priority Schools from 40 school districts throughout the state. Priority Schools are the lowest five percent of performing schools in the state, or schools that have low graduation rates or have received School Improvement Grants. C3 Schools are those that have been identified through District Capacity Determinations and interviews with stakeholders to be most in need of intervention. Part of the C3 plan is to establish all-inclusive partnerships between the State Department of Education and the C3 Schools. An external review team spent a great deal of time examining these schools and talking to administrators, community members and educators – all with the goal of improving academic achievement for students at these low-performing schools. These partnerships will include a variety of new instructional models and interventions, developed in cooperation with the community. The Board will reconsider Santa Fe South Middle School’s status at its regular meeting, April 26.

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