Top 10 Oklahoma Classes Named in Think Through Math's Year-End Blow-Out


The OK Year-End Blow-Out Event is over -- 280 classes competed in this year's contest by Think Through Math (formerly Apangea). The 10 classes with the highest average of earned Think Through Math Points have been named. Winners earned a $50 Wal-Mart gift card to host an end-of-year celebration. All gift cards will be sent via FedEx to the teacher of the winning class this week.

Top 10 Oklahoma Classes:

  1. Ms. Dellinger’s sixth-grade class at Achille Elementary
  2. Ms. Coffey’s seventh math class at Lone Wolf Elementary
  3. Ms. Roper’s fifth-hour class at Cache Middle School
  4. Ms. Hambrick’s eighth-grade class at Achille Elementary
  5. Mr. Isenberg’s fifth-grade class at Achille Elementary
  6. Ms. Ledbetter’s seventh math class at Bokoshe High School
  7. Ms. Essary’s third-hour advanced sixth-grade class at Stilwell Middle School
  8. Ms. Coffey’s fifth math class at Lone Wolf Elementary
  9. Ms. Ledbetter’s Algebra II class at Bokoshe High School
  10. Ms. Ledbetter’s eighth math class at Bokoshe High School

Oklahoma students really went the extra mile to be named this week’s Math Warrior!! Great job on logging in during the evenings and weekends and completing your math lessons! This week’s Math Warriors will each receive a $25 Amazon e-gift card in their Message area. This week's winners are:

Deondra H. of Ms. Ledbetter’s seventh math class, Bokoshe High School
Adasia G. of Ms. Carnell’s fourth-grade math class, Leach Public School
Jose T. of Mr. Stafford’s eighth-grade class, Pathways High School
Kenzie H. of Mr. Littlejohn’s class, Stilwell Middle School
Kyle D. of Mr. Stafford’s eighth-grade class, Pathways High School

Oklahoma students did an amazing amount of work during the monthlong contest. Students completed 133,425 math problems, completed 7,252 lessons and earned a combined total of 3,619,856 Think Through Math points. Awesome!! Give yourself a pat on the back for this great work! We can’t wait to see what you will do this Summer!

Last updated on December 8, 2017