iRead, You Read, We All Win

I’m thrilled today to be able to announce the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s iRead initiative.

Check out our iRead page on our website,

With iRead our goal is to ensure literacy for all Oklahomans from birth to 12th grade. Literacy is more than just reading. Being literate encompasses listening, speaking, reading, and writing – really all of communication.

The first and best literacy teacher for a child is the parent. One of the best things parents can do is sit with their child each day and read. Then talk about what you’ve read. Make up silly songs and rhymes. Ask questions that require your child to problem-solve and think. Play games in the car or as you walk through interesting places. Pick out objects and ask your child to identify beginning sounds. Ask them to identify letters of the alphabet.

Instilling a love of reading in a child at an early age will build a strong foundation for all future education. Studies show that many students who struggle in math simply don’t understand the question being asked. Literacy skills are needed in all subjects, whether it’s science, art, music or social studies.

On our iRead page, students, parents and educators will find links to resources such as best books to read, game ideas, and local events and activities that encourage literacy. Also on our iRead page, you’ll be able to share your favorite books and learning games, and we’d love to see videos of your child reading.

Literacy is the key as we implement Oklahoma’s Third-Grade Graduation requirement, Oklahoma C3 Standards, and Achieving Classroom Excellence requirements. Literacy is imperative to our goal of making each student in Oklahoma College, Career and Citizen ready by the time they graduate high school.

So please, check out our iRead page, then read, read, read!

Last updated on December 8, 2017