School and District Directory Information Collection Process Updated

The process for collecting school and district directory information for the State Department of Education has changed. Directory information for school and district addresses, phone numbers and contacts will be collected and maintained through an application located on the Wave Website. All users with access to the Wave Website will be able to view the current up-to-date Directory Information online.  Every month, the data located on the Wave Website will be pulled and moved to the State Department of Education’s Website for a Public facing directory that does not require a login.  Changes from the previous month will then be reflected on the SDE’s Website.

To view the online directory
1.       Go to the Wave Website and log in (account access is granted by the district superintendent or district Wave administrator).
2.       Under the “Resources” tab, select “Online Directory.” You may choose any district and/or school to view their directory information.
3.       Located just above the “District Physical Address” is an "Export to Excel" link that will allow you to export ALL districts, ALL school sites, ALL district contacts and ALL school contacts to an Excel spreadsheet.
4.       Further work is being done to create a PDF Report of the Directory as well as book printing options.

Note:  All email addresses for any contact and all school board member information (other than the Board President) will be hidden from view. For this type of data, each district can view data for their own district only.

To update the online directory
1.       Your district superintendent or district administrator for the Wave must provide your user account with the “Directory Access Update” role. This role allows your user account to add, edit and delete information in the online directory for the school site or sites to which you have been granted access.
2.       At the bottom of each page is a “Save” button which will allow you to save any changes made on the page. This role also allows you to add or delete contact information for the district or school depending on the access you have been granted. This can be done by selecting the “View District Contacts” at the bottom of the district directory or selecting the “View School Contacts” at the bottom of the individual school directory results. Once inside the contact section, you can select from “Add New Contact,” “Delete Contact,” or select a contact in the list, update the information, and click “Save Contact.”

Note:  The process for adding a new school site or for removing a closed school site from the Online Directory will begin with the Accreditation office. The district superintendent will contact the head of the SDE Accreditation Division by writing a letter outlining any school openings or closings along with any grade span changes. All changes approved by Accreditation will be updated in the online directory when the approved changes are provided to the OSF Education Services Division (i.e. the Wave and Data Services).

Some of the online directory information has been pre-populated using data from the previous directory.  Be sure to review and update the information.

Last updated on May 22, 2012