YEA, School is Starting

This week, while at my local Wal-Mart with my best friend, who is also an educator, we began wandering the aisle of school supplies.  I found myself giddy with excitement and turned to my friend to see the same excited look on her face. We both knew the feeling…….school was starting!  Bulletin boards are being decorated, desks are being arranged, and parents are helping students get all the items on their school supply lists. As we continued down the aisles of notebooks, pencils, and crayons, I began remembering the excitement of my own children when we “stocked up” for the school year ahead.

It has been a few years since I’ve had my own classroom, but I still become inspired when I visit schools or get invited to attend a “Teacher Appreciation” breakfast. This morning, I had the honor of attending such an event sponsored by a local church.  There were hundreds of teachers in attendance from several neighborhood schools around the church. The excitement and passion in the room was truly palpable. The looks of anticipation of the new teachers, the serene calmness of the veteran teachers, and the enthusiasm of the church members serving the teachers was completely overwhelming. Although every teacher received a “goodie bag” and an array of amazing door prizes were given, the excitement was the same giddy feeling I had in the school supply aisle.

I feel that becoming a teacher is a true calling! The old saying that “teaching is the noblest of professions” is so very true!  That being said, I would like to challenge you as a parent, to let your child’s teacher know that you support them and your child by being involved and engaged. Offer to cut out laminated items, donate extra school supplies, work one-on-one with your child on a challenging concept -- these are all ways you can support.  Recently I read an article on titled “Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Child’s Teacher.”  Please take a moment to read this and don’t feel you have to wait until “Teacher Appreciation Week” in May…..let them know NOW! 

Have a Happy School Year!

-By Melodie Fulmer, Executive Director of Parent and Community Engagement

Last updated on December 8, 2017