Oklahoma State Department of Education Announces Plans for October Release of A-F School Report Cards

Oklahoma’s State Department of Education on Thursday announced plans for an October statewide roll-out of new A-F School Grading System report cards, a state reform that gives a letter grade to schools and school districts similar to grades given to students.

“A-F report cards for schools will allow parents and citizens to easily find out how a school is doing without having to look at complicated information,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi. “Parents will be able to use this information when deciding what's best for their children. The report cards will also offer an opportunity for every school to improve. Our focus is on supporting parents, teachers and school leaders so they can use the information in the report cards to build on success and work toward improvement in other areas.”

Supt. Barresi said that, similar to how performance measurements have been authenticated in the past, school districts will review preliminary data before report cards are released to the public. The information will be released publicly in the form of final A-F School Grading System report cards in early October, after districts across the state have had the opportunity to review data and it has gone through verification.

Superintendent Barresi said that whether a school receives a higher or lower letter grade, the release of the new report cards represents an opportunity for every school to succeed. To help all schools improve, the State Department of Education will launch a new initiative to accompany the release of A-F report cards called Raise the Grade Together.

Barresi said the Raise the Grade Together initiative would provide schools across the state with resources as they work with parents and community members on future improvements.

“The A-F School Grading System reform gives communities an opportunity to celebrate success and to gather around all schools to help them improve,” Barresi said. “This is a call to action. The upcoming release of A-F report cards for schools gives Oklahomans a great opportunity to join in the effort to improve education and to work with educators to ensure the success of each child.”

Oklahoma’s A-F School Grading System is a part of the State Department of Education’s C3 Plan, a package of reforms pursuing the goal that by the year 2020 every student graduating from an Oklahoma high school will be college, career and citizen ready.

Last updated on August 28, 2012