Getting the Most Out of Parent – Teacher Conferences

As most schools are just getting started in their first quarter of the year, it’s time to begin cultivating a positive relationship with your child’s teacher. The parent-teacher conference provides this opportunity.  

Even though in the early years of school, my daughters went to the school where I taught, I still felt the need to set aside time for their parent-teacher conference with their teachers. Also, my husband, who is not in the field of education, felt he needed to be involved in their educational welfare. What has been so revealing to me is why many parents do not attend these meetings. 

I have a close friend who, as a child, had a HORRIBLE school experience. School was not a happy or safe place for this person.  She even felt physically ill when she entered a school because the smell brought back her terrible experience. As a result, my friend had never attended ANY event that occurred within the wall of her child’s school.

Just as teachers need to be cognizant of the issues that students deal with when they are not at school, they also need to be considerate that many parents may have reasons for not attending these conferences. There were many times I met with parents at the local McDonald’s restaurant or in the parking lot of the school about their child’s educational progress.

If there are reasons why you, as a parent, need to meet with your child’s teacher at another place or if time is an issue, please let your child’s teacher know. Most teachers are very willing to go out of their way to accommodate parents who are truly engaged in their child’s educational welfare.

The Daily Oklahoman ran an article this week with tips for parents about Parent-Teacher Conferences. Read it here. Remember….as the sign in my office reads, “It’s all about the KIDS”. 

-By Melodie Fulmer, Executive Director of Parent and Community Engagement


Last updated on September 10, 2012