Social Studies Implementation Guide Added to SDE Website

The new Implementation Guide for the Oklahoma C3 Standards for the Social Studies has been posted on the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s Website on the Social Studies page, or click here to access The Implementation Guide directly.

The Implementation Guide provides information on the following topics.

  • The role of the Social Studies in developing citizen ready graduates.
  • An overview of the four core areas of social studies education.
  • An explanation of the design principle and philosophy for the standards, the Coherency Storyline.
  • The use of the Common Core State Standards Literacy for History/Social Studies  as the new social studies process skills.
  • A summary of the significant differences between the new social studies standards and the old social studies Priority Academic Student Skills.
  • A summary of the impact of the new standards on the four state-mandated social studies assessments.
  • The use of Basic Academic Vocabulary in social studies instruction including new word lists for all grades and courses.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that covers the standards/curriculum framework, student assessment, and resources.
  • A system of notating the new standards in lesson plans, curriculum maps, etc.

For further information regarding the new standards and implementation, contact Mr. Kelly Curtright, Director for Social Studies Education at (405) 522-3523 or

Last updated on October 22, 2012