A – F School Grades and Parental Involvement

Recently the new school grade cards were released for parents, community leaders, and businesses. Many asked, “So now what?”  My response to that is, “What can I/we do to help our school improve?” These grade cards are tools….they give us a starting point, a reference from which we can work. 

Because our schools in Oklahoma are “locally controlled”, this is the perfect opportunity for parents and community members to stand united, in support of their local school, and pitch in. Kelly Ogle on KWTV Channel 9 features “My Two Cents” as part of his commentary. This past week, after the grades were released across the state, Mr. Ogle addressed the parents, as a parent, on what they could do to help support their school.  Please take a moment and view his video.

-By Melodie Fulmer, Executive Director of Parent and Community Engagement

Last updated on October 30, 2012