District, State A-F Report Card Grades Released

School District and State A-F Report Cards are now available for public viewing on the Oklahoma State Department of Education website.

“This is a continuation of our efforts to provide clear-cut, transparent information to the public, particularly parents, about the performance of their local schools,” said State Superintendent Janet Barresi.

A-F Report Cards for individual school sites were released in late October.

District and state report cards were calculated in the same way as school report cards with districts earning a grade point average (GPA) and a letter grade based on:

  • 33% student achievement;
  • 17% overall student growth;
  • 17%  bottom quartile student growth;
  • 33% and whole school performance, which for K-12 districts include factors such as student attendance, graduation rates, advanced coursework, school climate surveys, and parent and community engagement; and for K-8 district averages are derived from middle school performance criteria

District data calculations include all students in the district. They are not an average of site grades. 

Last updated on December 8, 2017