Lawton's Eisenhower High School Named School of the Year by National Math and Science Initiative

Eisenhower High School, in the Lawton School District, was named the first National Math and Science Initiative's (NMSI) School of the Year in a ceremony at the State Capitol on Tuesday.

The award came as a result of record-setting gains in academic achievement by the school in its first year of participation in NMSI's Advanced Placement Program.

"I am so proud of the students and teachers at Lawton's Eisenhower High School for embracing the National Math and Science Initiative and working so hard to earn this prestigious award," State Superintendent Barresi said. "Taking Advanced Placement courses and scoring high on AP exams is rigorous enough, but to be named the top school in the nation for such efforts is truly outstanding. These students will be well prepared for the challenges of college and the work force. Special thanks is also due to community sponsors such as Northrop Grumman who's investment makes programs such as this successful."

The school will be formally recognized at the NMSI awards presentation in Dallas on May 29, 2013.

NMSI's Advanced Placement Program, in 462 schools in 18 states,  includes intensive training for teachers, open enrollment, additional study sessions for students and incentives for success.

In its first year of implementing the NMSI Advanced Placement program, Eisenhower's's students produced an 81 percent increase in qualifying scores on Advanced Placement math, science and English exams and accounted for 23 percent of the entire state’s gains in qualifying scores in math, science and English. The school also had a 136 percent increase in qualifying scores for African-American and Hispanic students in the critical subjects of math, science and English, which catapulted them  into achieving the most qualifying scores among African Americans and Hispanic students in math, science and English in the state.

“The results at Eisenhower High School are spectacular.  The progress being made there will open doors to college for more students -- and many of them have parents serving our country in the military,” said Sara Martinez Tucker, NMSI President and CEO.

Eisenhower High School, which is near the Ft. Sill Army base, is one of 52 high schools serving students from military families that have been selected to implement NMSI’s highly successful AP program. Funding to implement the program at Eisenhower was provided by Northrop Grumman.

In 2009-10, Eisenhower High School reported only 130 students taking an AP math, science, or English class, far below a school with an approximate enrollment of 700 juniors and seniors. With the generous support of Northrop Grumman, Eisenhower High School received a grant to implement the NMSI Teacher Training Program for a three year period beginning in the 2011-12 school year.

Enrollment in AP math, science and English courses doubled to 266 students in the first year of the program. The program at Eisenhower continues to grow, Fleury said. The school now has 357 students enrolled in AP math, science, and English courses, a phenomenal 175% increase from 2009-10.

Last updated on March 26, 2013