REAC3H Professional Development Opportunities Around the Corner

All Oklahoma School District leaders should register themselves and up to 30 teacher-leaders for REAC3H Regional professional development opportunities, which begin Aug. 2. The trainings provide an in-depth analysis of the Oklahoma Academic Standards and will give participants a better understanding of what the standards ask students to do, significant shifts in instruction, and strategies teachers can effectively implement into their curriculum and teaching practices.
Districts are encouraged to send teacher-leaders who can share the information with their peers and who would be willing to serve as the site lead for their subject area for the new Oklahoma Academic Standards. The site lead from each district will be the person the SDE communicates with to provide timely information, and who can tell the SDE how we can better help his/her site.
Sessions for administrators also will be offered, addressing the following concerns for all elementary and secondary school principals: Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE), implementation of the Oklahoma Academic Standards, creating/sustaining professional learning networks, A-F Report Cards, defining rigor and advanced coursework in literacy and numeracy, and providing guidance with school-wide literacy transformation using data to drive instruction.
Districts can register up to 30 staff members, but seats are on a first-come, first-serve basis. We encourage districts to register 15 staff members for the elementary sessions and 15 for the secondary sessions.
For more information: Dates and Locations | Training Agenda | Registration
If you have questions regarding the REAC3H professional development opportunities, please contact Cara Combs, Director of District OutREAC3H, at
Last updated on July 16, 2013