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Troops to Teachers is a federally funded program designed to assist separated members of the Armed Forces, Veterans and Reserve Component Personnel with obtaining certification and employment as teachers. Applicants for employment as teachers must have at least a baccalaureate degree. All educationally qualified applicants will be extended placement and referral services.

Troops to Teachers is a cooperative project between the Department of Defense and the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

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Alternative Placement Program

Alternative Placement Program Application (pdf)

Information Reagarding Alternative Placement Program

Senate Bill 158, May 1991
House Bill 2246, May 1992
House Bill 1549, June 1995


The Alternative Placement Program provides an opportunity for obtaining a license/certificate while teaching in the accredited public schools of Oklahoma and completing professional education requirements. To participate in the program, an individual must declare the intention to seek employment as a teacher in an accredited public school district in Oklahoma. This program is available only to individuals who have completed a baccalaureate degree, have passed the appropriate Oklahoma Teacher Certification Test(s), and have been accepted in the Alternative Placement Program through the State Department of Education.

Requirements for the Alternative Placement Program

The State Board of Education shall grant an Alternative Placement teaching certificate to a person who makes application to the State Board and meets all of the following criteria:

  1. Holds at least a baccalaureate degree from an institution whose accreditation is recognized by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (submit OFFICIAL transcripts);
  2. Has completed a major in a field of study that corresponds to an area of Oklahoma certification for a Secondary Certificate, Elementary/Secondary Certificate, or a Vocational-Technical Certificate, as follows:

Secondary Certificate: Grades 7-12

  • Agriculture
  • Home Economics
  • Science
  • Business
  • Industrial Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Driver/Safety Education
  • Journalism
  • Speech/Drama
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Technology Education

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Alternative Placement Program Application Instructions

Persons seeking certification through the Alternative Placement Program shall follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Obtain and complete Parts I-IV of the application for the Alternative Placement Program.
  2. Obtain OFFICIAL transcripts, résumé and a copy of your DD214 member copy 4.
  3. Enclose with the application a fee of $50 for the application/evaluation. A check, cashier's check, or money order should be made payable to the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE).
  4. Mail the application with official transcript(s), DD214 member copy 4 discharge papers, résumé and the certification/evaluation fee to:
         Oklahoma Troops to Teachers
         Oklahoma State Department of Education
         Attn: Troops to Teachers
         2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 213
         Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73105-4599
  5. Pass the appropriate Oklahoma Teacher Certification Test(s). Oklahoma's teacher certification tests are administered in Oklahoma by National Evaluation Systems, Inc. and are the ONLY tests that satisfy the testing requirement for certification in Oklahoma. You may request a test registration bulletin from the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability by calling (405) 525-2612.
Informational Inquiries May be Made to:

Oklahoma Troops to Teachers
Oklahoma State Department of Education
2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 213
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73105-4599
(405) 522-4592
FAX (405) 522-0385

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Department of Defense Requirements

The Department of Defense Troops to Teachers program was established on January 19, 1994.  Troops to Teachers is authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 1993 and FY 2000.  Under this program, military personnel have the opportunity to pursue a new career in public education.  Troops to teachers is managed by the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), Pensacola, Florida.

Goals and Objectives
The stated goals of the original legislation are to help improve American education by providing mature, motivated, experienced, and dedicated personnel for the nation's classrooms.  The three main objectives of the program are to:  (1) Help relieve teacher shortages, especially in math and science,  (2) Provide positive role models for the nation's public school students, and (3) Assist military personnel successfully transition to a second career as teachers.

Current Status
The National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2000 transferred the responsibility for program oversight and funding to the U.S. Department of Education as of October 1, 2000.  The Department of Education has appropriated funding to continue the referral and placement assistance functions of Troops to Teachers and to maintain the network of state offices.  Military personnel interested in a career in public education may submit an application to DANTES.  Services available under Troops to Teachers are describes below.

Program Function
The primary function of the program is Referral and Placement Assistance.  DANTES provides counseling and assistance to help participants identify employment opportunities and teacher certification programs.  Participants choose the area in which they want to teach.  State Support Offices have been established in twenty-five states to assist participants with both certification requirements and employment leads.  A Troops to Teachers Home Page was established on the internet to provide information and resource links to help participants transition to a second career in public education.  An Internet Referral System has been established to allow participants to search for job vacancies "on-line".  The Troops to Teachers Home Page includes links to State Departments of Education, model resumes, and other job listings in public education.

Military and Coast Guard personnel, veterans, Reserve Component Personnel who were separated not earlier than October 1, 1990 may apply for referral and placement assistance.  Those interested in 'academic' teaching positions must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college.  Those interested in teaching vocational subjects (e.g., electronics, computer, construction trades, etc.) are not required to have a college degree to apply, but must be able to document their skill level or expertise.

Those interested in Troops to Teachers may contact their base Education Center/Navy College office for an application or download an application from the Troops to Teachers Home Page.  Military personnel targeting a second career in public education should also register in the Public and Community Service Personnel Registry (PACS) through the base Transition Office.

Information: For more information about Troops to Teachers, write or call:

DANTES Troops to Teachers
6490 Saufley Field Road
Pensacola, FL 32509-5243
Phone: 850-452-1320
Toll Free: 1-800-231-6242
DSN: 922-1151
FAX: 850-452-1096

For a complete listing of the states with Troops to Teachers Support Offices, call DANTES or visit the Web Site.

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Oklahoma Teacher Certification Out-of-State Applicants

If you hold a valid teaching credential in any state, you are eligible for Oklahoma certification in equivalent subject areas. If you do not have a valid certificate but (1) have previously held a certificate out of state, (2) have a master's degree and (3) have accumulated an additional 15 or more semester hours in a teaching field, you are also eligible for Oklahoma certification in equivalent subject areas. Based on evaluation of submitted material (detailed below), you may be granted one of the following Oklahoma teaching credentials.

  • Five-year Standard Certificate - if you have completed all Oklahoma requirements including testing.
  • Two-year Provisional II Certificate

If you have completed all Oklahoma requirements, including testing, except for a two- semester-hour course in education of the exceptional child (statutory requirement).

Completion of the exceptional child course would be required for the Standard Certificate.
- or -
This certificate may be issued immediately even if all Oklahoma requirements have not been completed. During its validity you would need to pass the certification test(s) and complete a two-semester-hour course in education of the exceptional child (statutory requirement) if you have not already met these requirements. Certification is ultimately contingent upon successful employment (district-level evaluation) for one year in an accredited Oklahoma school district. During this year an administrator will provide supervision and a teacher or appropriate colleague will provide assistance as needed.

If you are subject to the Residency Program, a one-year license may be issued based on one of the above certificates.

Please submit the following materials to this office in one packet. A certification specialist will evaluate your materials to determine for which certificate/license you qualify. If you have more than one option, the specialist will contact you.

  1. Application (Included inside Oklahoma Teacher Certification Testing Program Registration Bulletin)
    Complete the Application for Oklahoma School Certificate/Endorsement if you completed a teacher education program prior to February 1, 1982, or if you completed a teacher education program after that date and have at least one year of teaching experience in a state or regionally accredited school.
    Complete the Application for Oklahoma License/Endorsement if you completed a teacher education program after February 1, 1982, and do not have at least one year of teaching experience in a state or regionally accredited school.
  2. Official transcripts - Submit official transcripts (not photocopies) of all college coursework.
  3. Proof-of-teaching forms - Verify out-of-state experience by having districts complete a proof-of-teaching form.
  4. Teaching certificate - Enclose a photocopy of each valid teaching certificate you hold. Please include a copy of the back of the certificate if it contains any codes or definitions.
    If you are exempt from testing, you will need proof of certification prior to October 1, 1986.
  5. Fee - Submit $50 if you are applying for a certificate or a license.

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For More Information, Contact:
(405) 522-4592



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