OAS-M Implementation

This page is intended to showcase tools to be reviewed by teams of teachers and guide ongoing discussions and planning for the successful implementation of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics.
Updated: September 11, 2017

Download the Standards

We recommend the vertically aligned edition of the standards (found in Appendix B) in order to facilitate conversations with your department, PLCs, and/or vertical teams. Additional sets of competencies are provided for Statistics & Probability, Math of Finance, and Intermediate Algebra.

Download New Standards Here  



Consortia-developed Crosswalks

Statistics & Probability Competencies

Math of Finance and Intermediate Algebra

Curriculum Framework

Guidance for Pre-K to Algebra 2 has been developed by Oklahoma teachers to increase understanding and support implementation of the new Math standards.


Watch the introduction video here

Read about the new units here

Read about Unit 0 here

PD On Your Plan
(updates expected fall 2017)

There are two modules available for our first professional development short course. The first is a 20 minute exploration of the vision for mathematics education. The second is a 30 minute investigation of the new math standards.

///  OKMathTeachers.com/shortcourse-1

Formative Assessment Probes

The Oklahoma Mathematics Advancement Project (OK-MAP), a collaborative effort among Western Heights and Northeastern State University (BA), has created a portfolio of Formative Assessment Probes aligned to the OAS-M in grades 3 through Pre-Algebra and both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.


Math Task Force
(updates expected fall 2017)

The Math Task Force consists of Oklahoma classroom teachers committed to pursuing excellent teaching over the course of the 2016-2017 school year. Our collaborative efforts will help to build a resource of rich, high cognitive demand tasks aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics.

Join the Task Force:

Intro & Week 1: Posing Purposeful Questions

Week 2: Question Types & Teacher Moves

Week 3: Which One Doesn’t Belong

Week 4: Specific Grade Content

Week 5: Grade Specific Tasks

✔ Week 6: Reflection (coming soon)

Curriculum Maps & Pacing Guides Community

Teachers from various Oklahoma school districts have shared their hard work to be used as samples/examples. Share your efforts with the community!

⇒ View at bit.ly/OKMathPacingGuides

⇒ Read more and upload at    


⇒ See the OKMath Framework for suggested learning progressions for every grade

Math Course Codes & Graduation Requirements

High school mathematics course offerings should prepare students for success in college or careers. The OSDE provides guidance on what courses schools may offer for various credit and what courses students must take to graduate and meet admissions requirements for Oklahoma colleges.

The OSDE graduation requirements page

3 Credits of Math in Grades 9-12

College admissions requirements

Oklahoma’s Promise

All subject codes // math guidance (4/2017)


Contact Sarah Owens, Math Assessment Specialist, for all your assessment needs!

  • Phone: (405) 521.3341


(blueprints, calculator policy, formula sheets)

Item Specifications for 3-8 and 10th grades


Accommodations Manual


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Math Facebook Groups

There are several Facebook Groups full of Oklahoma educators where you can network with other math teachers at your grade level.

  • #OKMath

  • See pinned post in #OKMath group for links to join specific grade level groups


Frequently asked questions and answers about the development of the new Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics


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