REAC3H Summit 3: Making the Oklahoma C3 Standards Work in the Real World

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Use the New State Grading System

Dr. Maridyth McBee, Assistant State Superintendent, Office of Accountability & Assessments
| Presentation: pdf & ppt |

Essential Characteristics of Indispensable Collaboration by Cordell Public Schools: outside link

Instructional Practices for the Common Core by Jenks Public Schools: 
pdf | ppt

It's Not the Size of the Dog by Roff Public Schools: pdf | ppt

Making Common Sense of Common Core State Standards by Broken Arrow Public Schools: pdf | ppt

MAP Your Way to Student Success by Ponca City Public Schools: 
pdf | ppt

Measuring Teacher Impact: An Overview of Value-Added Models by Alicia Currin-Moore: pdf | ppt

Example Forms:

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