Charter Schools

Intent and Purpose

Charter schools are public schools given the freedom of more innovation while still being held accountable for advancing student achievement and financial accountability. Because they are public, they are open to all students and do not charge tuition nor have special entrance requirements.

The Oklahoma Charter School Act list seven purposes for charter schools:

  • Improve student learning;
  • Increase learning opportunities for students;
  • Encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods;
  • Provide additional academic choices  for parents and students;
  • Require the measurement of student learning and create different and innovative forms of measuring student learning;
  • Establish new forms of accountability for schools; and
  • Create new professional opportunities for teachers and administrators including the opportunity to be responsible for the learning program at the school site.

Law and Guidance

A Charter School and their Sponsor will comply with all applicable federal statutes and regulations, state statutes and regulations, and local ordinances and rules; including without limitation those relating to health, safety, civil rights, and insurance listed annually by the State Department of Education for Charter School and public school compliance. 70 O.S.§ 3-136.

Charter Training Legal 8/2020

Forms and Tools 

Charter School Packet 4/2021


A Charter School Training is offered two times per year, once in early spring and once during summer.

The all-day event is held at the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Oliver Hodge Building, 2500 North Lincoln, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, Room 215.

Please contact Accreditation Standards Division at (405) 521-3311 for updated registration dates and information.

Charter School PowerPoint 6/2021


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Last updated on June 23, 2021