Consolidated Monitoring

Consolidated Federal Grants Program Monitoring

Intent and Purpose


Each Local Education Agency (LEA) will be reviewed for its compliance with the regulations governing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) as reauthorized by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) a minimum of once in a three-year cycle. In addition to the three-year grant cycle, the Office of Federal Programs (OFP) is required to also complete a Subgrantee Risk Assessment each year to identify at-risk LEAs 2 C.F.R. § 200.332.


While the three-year monitoring cycle is posted on the SDE’s website, LEAs will be formally notified in July. The annual monitoring cycle runs from October to April of each year.  The LEA will use the Consolidated Federal Programs Monitoring Indicator Checklist to gather documents. The applicable documents will be submitted to the OFP using the Grants Management System (GMS). OFP staff will be in ongoing contact with the LEA. All LEAs will be notified of their compliance status in May.

Law and Guidance

Federal Register - Code of Federal Regulations

Forms and Tools

FY22 Consoldiated Monitoring Oklahoma State Plan 

FY22 Federal Programs Monitoring Tool 

FY22 Monitoring Cycle 

FY22 Oklahoma Risk Assessment Profile

FY22 Federal Programs Monitoring Toolkit

FY22 Monitoring Tool Checklist 

FY22 Monitoring Assignments 


FY22 Consolidated Monitoring Training Webinar 7/2021

FY21 Consolidated Monitoring Training Webinar 7/2020


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Last updated on June 15, 2022