Data Governance

The Oklahoma State Department of Education's data governance program provides and enforces enterprise-wide data standards, common vocabulary, reports, and the development and use of standardized data. It enables OSDE to more easily integrate, synchronize and consolidate data from different OSDE divisions.

The OSDE data governance board has identified the following policy and procedure priorities for 2014:

  1. Data Standards Documentation (what exists and what is needed?)
    1. Update on DataSpecs, ESP Documentation
    2. Prioritize data sources to document
    3. Document data validity (how the data is used)
    4. Document the authorization for the collection (the law or rule authorizing the collection)
    5. Data Stewards Committee will
      1. Identify and document data definition, format, code sets and collection process for every data element
      2. Create a central documentation process and location and publish centralized data standards online for internal & external use.
      3. Engage LEA representatives to review and provide feedback prior to publication to ensure usability
      4. Present documentation to Data Governance Board review
  2. Data Redundancy
    1. Prioritize areas of focus (e.g., Title programs, Special Education, Teacher data, enrollment)
    2. Data Stewards Committee will
      1. Identify data elements collected more than once by SDE
      2. Identify priority source data collections
      3. Combine and/or eliminate redundant data elements
      4. Document recommendations for Data Governance Board review
  3. Process for Addressing Emergency (High Impact, Impending Deadline) Data Requests
    1. Who should review them?
    2. When should they require  approval through the Data Governance Process
  4. Data Certification Process
    1. Identify key problems with certification process (e.g., timing, data from vendor)
    2. Prioritize issues to address (Who was involved in this? How does this touch A-F? What is impacted outside of A-F?)
    3. Engage ad hoc committee (including SDE, OMES and LEA representation) to
      1. Identify solutions that address each problem
      2. Consider both technical and practical issues
      3. Present recommendations to Data Governance Board for review
  5. Document data retention, data storage, and archiving and disposition policies
  6. Data privacy and access
    1. Access rights to student level v. aggregate data
    2. Process for Granting and Removing System Access for SDE staff
      1. When, who, how?
    3. Process for regular review of all user accounts and related privileges, and use logs to ensure appropriateness and identify abuse
      1. When, who, how?
    4. Security policies on each application/data to protect the integrity and guard against misuse
  7. Legislative Impact Analyses
    1. Track legislative committees focused on education prior to the legislative session
    2. Conduct impact analyses for proposed legislative action
  8. Process for the Review and Approval of Ad Hoc Surveys
    1. Should a psychometric review of all surveys be done?
Last updated on April 11, 2014