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Diverse Learners


Questions regarding Diverse Learner support and resources?

Cindy Koss
Deputy Superintendent for Student Learning and Achievement

Julian Guerrero
Executive Director of American Indian Education

Jennifer McKay
Senior Director of Early Childhood

Dan Ruhl
Executive Director of English Language Proficiency

Yuseli Freire
English Language Proficiency Assessment & Monitoring Specialist

Robbyn Glinnsman
Director of Gifted and Talented & Advanced Placement

Todd Loftin
Executive Director for Special Education Services

Mark Sharp
Executive Director of SoonerStart

Who are Diverse Learners?

Diverse Learners include children and students of all abilities from racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

Purpose of the Diverse Learner Team

1. Provide equitable access and supports for diverse learners to thrive as individuals.
2. Provide supports for teachers to understand and implement the strategies needed for diverse learners.
3. Provide research and information in order to change the way we think about Tier I instruction for all learners.
4. Provide meaningful data to implement cross-sector opportunities to support diverse learners.
5. Provide ways for educators to identify their own biases and recognize cultural differences in order to better serve diverse learners.

Diverse Learner Presentation- Who Are Diverse Learners?

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Last updated on April 23, 2020