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Questions regarding American Indian student supports and resources?

Julian Guerrero
Executive Director of American Indian Education

Cody Given
NYCP Project Director

The Office of American Indian Education provides technical assistance and appropriate professional development to district staff as well as supporting collaborative efforts to bridge the gap between the state, tribal nations, and schools. Additionally, we provide educators with access to culturally appropriate resources, supports, and in-service training reflecting the teaching strategies and learning styles that ensure the greatest level of inclusion for the Native American student in the learning environment. The briefs below explore issues that relate to the educational experience of Native American students enrolled in Oklahoma public schools.

Diverse Learner Presentation- Who Are Diverse Learners?

American Indian Education Briefs

Summer 2019 / Brief 1- Who are American Indian learners in Oklahoma? What instructional strategies are most effective?

Fall 2019 / Brief 2- The impact of tribal affiliation on instructional and programmatic decision making.

Spring 2020 / Brief 3- Empowering leadership and identity in American Indian students.

Summer 2020 / Brief 4- Digital resources to support American Indian students in distance education environments.

Additional resources may be found on the SDE Indian Education homepage

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Last updated on June 23, 2020