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Questions regarding English Learner student support and resources?

Dan Ruhl
Executive Director of English Language Proficiency

Janna Corn
Director of the ELPA Indicator

Yuseli Freire
English Language Proficiency Assessment & Monitoring Specialist

English learner (EL) students in Oklahoma are those students who have been formally identified through the state EL identification process. Once identified, districts are required to provide a research-based program (LIEP) tasked to deliver appropriate and sufficient supplemental supports designed to move EL students toward English-language proficiency. The primary goal in EL education is to provide content-based instruction while continuously developing English-language proficiency. The briefs below explore various issues regarding this particular group of Oklahoma students.

Diverse Learner Presentation- Who Are Diverse Learners?

English Learner Briefs

Summer 2019 / Brief 1- Who are EL students, and what are some strategies that can help in fostering success?

Fall 2019 / Brief 2- What to be aware of regarding the educational differences among ELs.   

Spring 2020 / Brief 3- The importance of a post-secondary focus for ELs. 

Summer 2020 / Brief 4- Best practices to address "summer slide" for ELs. 

Continuous Learning Resources for ELs

Additional resources may be found on the SDE ELPA/WIDA page, or on the SDE Title III, Part A page

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Last updated on May 26, 2020