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Questions regarding Gifted and Talented student support and resources?

Robbyn Glinnsman
Director of Gifted and Talented & Advanced Placement

Gifted and talented students in Oklahoma are identified at the preschool, elementary, and secondary level as students who have potential high academic capabilities and require differentiated or accelerated education or services. Appropriate programming for gifted and talented students includes options for curricular and social-emotional modifications designed to meet the individual needs of gifted students. The goal is to provide challenging educational experiences for our gifted students through acceleration and/or enrichment opportunities.

Diverse Learner Presentation- Who Are Diverse Learners?

Gifted and Talented Briefs

Summer 2019 / Brief 1- Who are Oklahoma's gifted and talented learners?

Spring 2020 / Brief 2- What is a "twice-exceptional" learner, and how should they be served?

Summer 2020 / Brief 4- Best practices in supporting gifted and talented learners over summer.

Additional resources may be found on the SDE Gifted and Talented page

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Last updated on May 26, 2020