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E-Rate and OUSF

The E-Rate Program

The E-Rate program lowers the costs of Internet access, telecommunications, and network data services for all schools and libraries.

The amount of your E-rate reimbursement is based, in part, on the free and reduced lunch program data you report. If you need a copy of the Child Nutrition Low Income Report, please file an open records request using the online Open Records Act Request Form. For E-Rate purposes, virtual students are reported as a separate line item. Fulltime off-site virtual students are not included in the National School Lunch Program numbers for your district since they are not afforded the opportunity to participate.

Schools and Libraries Division of the Universal Services Administrative Company.

SPIN Number & NCES Code

  • Use the SLD search engine to find the SPIN number (Service Provider Information Number).
  • Use the NCES search engine to find the NCES (National Center for Educational Statistics) code for your school.

E-Rate Helpdesk Support

The helpdesk provides schools and libraries with access to expert guidance from experienced E-rate professionals.  Applicants often have questions about calculating their discount rate, submitting their funding applications and determining the eligibility of products and services for support.

The helpdesk is available free to all Oklahoma schools and libraries. Contact or call 405-471-0912 for assistance.

October E-Rate Training and OUSF Training Presentations

In October, Funds for Learning and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission's Public Utility Division hosted joint E-Rate and OUSF training sessions. In these sessions, they focused on completing the FCC Form 470 and the OUSF process. 

You are able to access PDF copies of both presentations using the following links:  

If you have questions about the Funds for Learning presentation, please email If you have questions about the OUSF presentation, please email

In early 2020, the two organizations will offer four additional training sessions focused on completing the FCC Form 471 and will also revisit the OUSF process. The details from these sessions will also be posted on the Public Utility Division's website.

Annual E-Rate and OUSF Trainings

The Public Utility Division of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission offers free E-Rate and Oklahoma Universal Service Fund (OUSF) training for schools and libraries.

These trainings take place twice a year around February and September. 

The training will include discussion on the following topics:

  • OUSF Update: Common pitfalls and errors, requesting preapproval, requesting funding, changing funding and common issues during funding review
  • E-Rate Update: Completion of the bidding process in making a selection for cost effectiveness, filing the FCC Form 471 with service detail, responding to PIA requests, document retention and knowing when to file various FCC forms required to retain funding

This training is for all schools and libraries. Even if you use a consultant, you are encouraged to attend so you will know why your consultant is asking for certain information.

Fall training dates will be posted around the beginning of August.

For more information, contact Maura Shortt, OUSF Manager Preapprovals, at or (405) 522-1376.

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Last updated on December 5, 2019