Employee Wellness Webinars


Archived Employee Wellness Webinars:

Navigating Life and Work, Recorded February 22, 2019: This course will guide you on how to utilize strategies and build critical skills to navigate the demands of life and work. Navigating Life and Work will provide opportunities for you to discover what is needed to be healthy, happy, and energized each and every day.

Fuel + Fitness, Recorded March 2, 2019: There is so much information available about nutrition and exercise. It can be difficult to determine what is best to eat and what exercise regimen to follow. This presentation will give you a brief overview of nutrition and fitness concepts so you can be more informed about what is the best fuel and fitness for you.

The Importance of Managing Stress, Recorded April 9, 2019: You will learn what causes stress, how it affects our physical and emotional well-being and how to recognize signs and symptoms. Attendees will learn and practice effective techniques that can help to manage, improve and control the stress they face whether at work or home.


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Last updated on June 8, 2020