AP Test Fee Assistance Offered to Oklahoma Public School Students

The State Department of Education is offering test fee assistance to Oklahoma public school students who wish to take AP exams.

There are two types of assistance. First, assistance to those in financial need.  Second, assistance to those who take multiple exams.

Students in financial need, pay only $10 per AP exam. There is no limit to the number of exams they are allowed to take.  Students can qualify for this fee assistance by qualifying for the Free/Reduced lunch program. Students do NOT have to participate in the program in order to receive the discount; they need only qualify. If you have students who think they might qualify for this test fee assistance, please refer them to your school’s AP Coordinator.

Students who are not in financial need but who take multiple exams receive a discount of $25 per exam. Again, there is no limit to the number of exams that can receive this discount.  The discount applies for those students who take exams at both their home school and their Career Tech Centers, so please make sure students are aware of that.  (The total cost of the exam for these students varies depending on the policy of the school.  If the school chooses to waive the $8 fee, the cost is $ $56.  If the school chooses to not waive the $8 fee, the cost is $64. Your school’s AP Coordinator will be able to tell you which fee applies at your school.)

Students who take only one exam and are not in financial need (as defined by College Board) will pay the full $89 per exam.

If you are a classroom teacher, please be sure your students are aware of these discounts and take advantage of them.  Please work with your AP Coordinator to be sure each student who qualifies receives the correct test fee assistance.

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Last updated on December 8, 2017