Oklahoma School Districts Recognized on Mathematics and Science Partnership Day at State Capitol

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi on Tuesday welcomed nine school districts from across the state to the State Capitol to recognize the 2012 Math and Science Partnership Grant recipients and their projects.

Districts were selected for professional development projects that focused on inquiry-based learning. The projects were shared with teachers from across the state during summer institutes and in meetings throughout the school year with the goal of improving classroom strategies utilized in the teaching of science and math. Grantees are required to partner with institutes of higher learning, and they often involve industry and community partners.

Each district was recognized with a certificate from the State Department of Education, and a representative from each district had the opportunity to speak about the scope of their projects.

“Today was a celebration of excellence and dedication,” Barresi said. “That teachers would take so much of their time to help improve the knowledge and classroom practices of other teachers for the  benefit of students, is inspiring. All of these projects were focused on helping teachers at every grade level improve the learning environment in their classrooms. The pictures and reports on display showed how much fun they had in the process.”

Districts receiving the 2012 Math and Science Partnership Grants, the amounts received, and the names of the projects are:

  • Byng, $173,481.61, Pontotoc County – Research, Experiments and Applications of Chemistry for Teachers
  • Clinton, $308,042, Grassroots Science: Investigating STEM Through Historical Contexts
  • Lawton, $274,039.72, The Mathematics and Science of Field-Based Inquiry for Pollination Ecology with Elementary Teachers
  • Meeker, $143,584.80, A World in Motion
  • Osage Hills, $284,539, Project STEM+
  • Putnam City, $314,697, Immersing Middle School Teachers in Research Experiences in Math and Science (IMSTREMS)
  • Tulsa, $134,836.61, Math Exploration Academy
  • Valliant, $283,244, It’s Just Numbers
  • Vanoss, $254,374.43, GROW (Geometry Rules Our World)

The grants were awarded in February 2012 and culminate with Mathematics and Science Partnership Day at the State Capitol.

The amount of the grant is based on the district’s submitted proposal detailing the cost of performing the professional development and the number of teachers participating. All districts in the state are invited to submit grant proposals, which are then scored by three grant readers. Funds come from the U.S. Department of Education.

Eight districts have been chosen to receive 2013 grants totaling almost $1.9 million. Those districts and the amount of the award are Byng, $173,733.61; Broken Bow, $228,300; Lawton, $243,133.54; Meeker, $134,399.44; Osage Hills, $180,899; Putnam City, $239,320; Tulsa, $137,633.02; and Vanoss, $175,738.

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Last updated on December 8, 2017