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“…this is the primary mark of resilient people as they look into their pasts. They seek for things that call for gratitude. They give thanks to people who have made a difference in their lives. Thanks to God for benefits and blessings that they discover are numberless. Thanks in general that one receives the gift of life and thought and beauty and a thousand other things.”- Gordon MacDonald, A Resilient Life

Jason Proctor poses with his family.As I look back over the past year, moments stretching from the birth of our daughter to being named Oklahoma’s 2015 Teacher of the Year and everything in between, I realize that I have much to be grateful for.

Over the past few months I’ve learned not only how vast our profession really is, but also how much of an impact we have. I am humbled by story after story of the amazing people who have answered the call to educate and touch the future one child at a time. The experience has left me inspired and extremely proud to belong to such a noble profession. Likewise, my past is full of similar examples of men and women who left their mark on me. I am grateful for the many lessons that have been imparted on me by my mentors.

My wife and children are constant reminders of the great blessing my role as husband and father has been and without their support through it all I would not be the man that I am today. Throughout it all I have learned to thank God for the gift of each day, and He has taught me how to fully enjoy the moments life has to offer. That lesson may be one that I am most indebted for, as moments are called moments for a reason. Learning to embrace them fully makes for a very satisfying life, one full of gratitude.

So as we enjoy our family and friends over the coming season I encourage all to take the opportunity to enjoy the moment and express gratitude where necessary. Have a blessed holiday season.

By: Jason Proctor
2015 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year



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Last updated on November 26, 2014