OKTOY Blog: Starting the semester renewed

empty, bright yellow classroomWith the new year comes a new semester and a new start for many students and teachers.  I hope for my peers that the break was a time of relaxation and joy spent with family and friends.  Now we can head back to our classrooms rejuvenated and eager to get back to impacting the lives of students.

I know that not all students will be joyous about returning to school, perhaps some teachers too, but I hope that all classrooms have what Doug Lemov calls the “J-Factor.”  Simply put, I hope that your classrooms start the new year full of joy.  Teachers who create an environment of joy are well on their way to creating trust necessary for working relationships to thrive.

In his book Teach Like A Pirate, Dave Burgess states, “School is filled with monotony, drudgery and soul-killing suckiness…your class can be a reprieve…or it can be a contributing factor.”  I am looking forward to my TOY journeys over the next few months, though I am already planning on how I will intentionally go about creating an environment for my students that will evoke joy and intrigue for the process of learning.  I do miss this exciting time of year and pray that my fellow teachers find great joy in what they do and finish the 2014-15 school year as strong as ever.

By: Jason Proctor
2015 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year




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Last updated on January 7, 2015