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Hofmeister praises newly signed law addressing teacher shortage


OKLAHOMA CITY (April 21, 2015) — State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister praised Gov. Mary Fallin today for signing legislation aimed at alleviating the teacher shortage.

Senate Bill 20 makes it easier for teachers who have moved to Oklahoma from other states. Under the measure, teachers with a valid out-of-state teaching certificate can teach in Oklahoma classrooms, provided it is the subject or grade level most closely aligned with their certification. SB 20 ensures these qualifying teachers would not have to take a competency test or pay costs of additional credentialing.

“SB 20 is a commonsense measure that gives our state another arrow in its quiver when it comes to targeting the teacher shortage,” said Hofmeister. “This legislation eases the path for seasoned teachers from other states to teach in Oklahoma classrooms.”

The bill is authored by state Sen. Ron Sharp and Rep. Katie Henke.





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Last updated on April 22, 2015