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Thinking outside the bell: Butner Public Schools

Butner Public Schools, an hour east of Oklahoma City, is experiencing a culture change within the district.

“It’s a thriving school, doing great things and continuing to move up,” Superintendent Diane Parris said. 

Butner, which serves approximately 250 students pre-K through 12th grade, is not setting enrollment records, but the district is experiencing positive changes other districts strive for.

In the past two years, the staff at Butner has noticed an increase in attendance and a decrease in bullying. They attribute the positive changes to creative thinking.

“We started thinking outside the box. What will kids like? What will get them more involved?” Principal Melissa Baughman said.

Baughman and her staff implemented two major changes: a new bell system and a house system, designed to make the student population feel more like family, and it's working.

See the changes Butner Public Schools has made by simply thinking outside the bell.


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Last updated on January 27, 2016