ELEVATE: Service Is Golden

“If I had it to do over again, I would try to do more” is exactly what you’d expect a woman who has devoted nearly five decades of her life to one school district to say.

“It thrills me to death that possibly I have helped at least a few students,” says Frances Percival, who has likely influenced thousands of students over the years. Mrs. P, as she is known by many current and former students of Millwood Public Schools, has served on the Millwood Board of Education for 45 years. On Monday, she was sworn in to serve another five-year term.

Frances, who turns 88 years old in May, and is one of the oldest and longest-serving school board members in the United States.

“I was giving serious thought to my age; maybe people wouldn’t recognize that I’m still active. But, on second thought, I think yes, I have something to give our youth and community and to our school.”

Frances talks about the biggest decision she had to make while serving on the board, and what the district did years ago that truly left her speechless.



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Last updated on March 8, 2016