Red Banner: 2016 Legislation

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is excited to provide to you the 2nd Annual Red Banner Book as a resource to help you stay informed of state education legislation.
New laws that emerge from legislative session each year can be overwhelming. The impact on districts, schools and classrooms across Oklahoma can be significant or minimal, immediate or delayed, positive or troubling — but there is one constant: You need to know the law.
This book is not intended to be all-inclusive nor serve as legal advice, but it will give you a general overview of this year’s new laws and legislative actions affecting public education.
This year we are excited to report that seven bills recommended by the Teacher Shortage Task Force were signed into law, along with three bills recommended by the Red Tape Task Force. Additionally, we are pleased with the changes to the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness evaluation system (HB 2957) and to our state assessments and graduation requirements (HB 3218).
Thank you for your service to the children of Oklahoma. You already have so much to navigate, and an onslaught of new requirements doesn’t make things any simpler.
Please remember that the Oklahoma State Department of Education is here to serve you. I hope to hear your questions, concerns and ideas. Never hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you,

Joy Hofmeister
State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Download the Red Banner: 2016 Legislation

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Last updated on July 15, 2016