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Join us for rich and meaningful PK-12 professional development, including strategies for different subject areas, behavior management, depth of knowledge, counseling, special education, legislative updates and more at our free EngageOK education conferences in July.

We’re taking EngageOK on the road again this year to help reduce travel costs for you and your districts. Each conference will open at 8 a.m. with a general session, followed by breakout sessions throughout the day until 3 p.m. Check-in starts at 7 a.m. The conference is free, but registration is required. To register, click here.

You’re Invited:

The Joy Lunch Club

hofmeisterWant a chance to visit with State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister? Grab lunch and join her for an informal conversation about public education. Bring your questions and comments for a special noon session at each EngageOK on the Road location!

In addition, Joy will preview Oklahoma’s new ESSA state plan based on your feedback from last year’s conference. She will also lead a student panel about what they wish their teachers knew when it comes to school culture, college and career readiness and overall student support. Below is Joy’s schedule for all locations:

  • Keynote Address: 8 a.m.
  • The Big Picture, ESSA State Plan Overview: 9 a.m.
  • What Students Wish Their Teachers Knew: 11 a.m.
  • The Joy Lunch Club: Noon


Register Today!

The agendas for all seven locations are now online! Below are some of the break-out sessions we’ve specifically designed for teachers. For full descriptions and times and for additional sessions designed for school leadership, click here. To register, click here.


datesAcademic Advisement for All: Educators with tips and tools can advise students from all backgrounds for academic success.

Care & Feeding of an Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP): Find out how districts can use ICAPs to engage students in planning for their future success.

Empathy, the Anti-Bully: Use empathy in everyday practice to counteract bullying at all levels.

Identifying & Meeting the Needs of At-Risk Students: We will discuss how to analyze data, use community resources and develop programs that are school specific.

Internships, Education Beyond the Classroom: We’ll share examples of meaningful internships that benefit the student and the business partner.

Redefining the Senior Year: Concurrent enrollment, internships, transition courses, Advanced Placement coursework and industry credentials are a few of the topics we’ll discuss.

Working with the Traumatized Student: Working with students who suffer from trauma can be one of the most challenging things an educator faces.


Accountability Under the New State & ESSA Policies: Learn about the implications of ESSA for the state accountability plan and relevant timelines.

State Assessment Update: We’ll discuss Oklahoma School Testing Program overview and changes and more.

Using a System of Assessments to Interpret Student Data: Learn useful ways to interpret student data from summative, interim and formative assessments.


The Benefits of Open Educational Resources (OER): Many states and districts are making the move to digital resources. Learn what resources – whether supplements or complete courses – are available and how to get started.

How to Use Open Educational Resources (OER) in the STEM Classroom: Investigate utilizing these tools in a STEM classroom within the context of science and mathematics curriculum frameworks.

Using Technology in the ELA Classroom: From podcasts to blogs, students can use today’s tools to express their thoughts.

Transitioning to Digital-Age Teaching & Learning: From digital curriculum to devices, technology is becoming an indispensable tool in education.


Bringing the Standards to Life: Learn ways to implement the P.E. standards in your gym.

special ed

Distinguishing Language Acquisition from Learning Disabilities: This session includes an overview on language acquisition and ruling out Limited English Proficiency.

Special Education Law Update: Practical analysis and guidance of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions (Endrew F. and Frye) and other recent legal issues relating to the education of students with disabilities will be discussed.

gifted ed

Gifted Education Statutes & Practices: Explore Oklahoma regulations concerning gifted education requirements, including identification, appropriate services, and necessary reports and funding.

english learners

Requirements for English Learners Under ESSA: Information on the use of Title III, Part A funds and how to understand changes in ESSA that impact English learners.


Eliciting Student Thinking Through Student Explanations for Phenomenon: Explore instructional strategies that serve as formative assessments and help students develop science reasoning skills.

Eliciting Student Thinking Through Student-Generated Models: Scientific modeling can be a great formative assessment strategy for eliciting student thinking and developing reasoning skills in science.

Fruits, Nuts & Veggies, Oh My! Experience new hands-on learning activities using Ag in the Classroom lessons and resources focused on Oklahoma specialty crops.

STEM Framework & Program Design Principles: Join the conversation to see how the STEM Framework can be used to curate meaningful courses, activities, etc.


Family Engagement in the Elementary School: We’ll analyze tools for families about student learning expectations inside the classroom and at home.

How Family Engagement Drives School Improvement: Learn more about how strong school leaders are executing well-planned engagement strategies to support school improvement.

How to Forge Partnerships Between Education & Business: Learn how to connect with business for speakers, job shadowing, industry tours and externships for teachers.

Positive Relationships Through Cultural Competency: Familiarity with students’ norms and tendencies based on societal, ethnic and socioeconomic influences can equip us with the cultural competency needed to be successful.

Productive Communication with Parents: Developing skills and strategies to create a positive communication stream with parents can save your students – and your sanity.

social studies

Integrate You Must: Become a Jedi master of integrating elementary social studies throughout your day.

Personal Financial Literacy 2017: Learn about updates, requirements, and resources for Personal Financial Literacy.

Social Studies Model Program Award: Learn about Oklahoma’s innovative recognition plan for model school social studies programs.

Think Like a Historian You Will, Inquiry Learning in the Social Studies Classroom: Become a Jedi master of inquiry-based literacy strategies to use in your social studies.

behavior management

Making Young Children’s Thinking Visible Through Building a Classroom Community: Learn the indicators that may predict challenging behavior and lower academic performance in young children and participate in relationship-building classroom strategies that counteract negative behaviors and performance.

Maximize Learning While Meeting the Needs of Challenging Students: Participants will learn research-based strategies to manage the behaviors that make our blood pressure rise!

Positive Connections to Build Elementary Classroom Communities: Participants will create a grade level-appropriate behavior system and gain practical classroom tips to make life in the classroom simple, minimize behavior problems and maximize learning.

School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports: We will go over interventions that can effectively teach appropriate behavior to all children.

Secondary Classroom Management: Learn about multiple resources for proven classroom procedures and engaging instructional strategies that, if implemented with fidelity, will support a learning environment that minimizes behavior issues and maximizes learning.


Intentional Bundling to Elicit Evidence of Learning for Assessing Literacy Skills: This session will provide teachers with strategies to develop lessons that address the depth of the standards and elicit concrete evidence of learning.

Making Meaning of the English Language Arts (6-12): This session is intended to provide essential background knowledge about instructional practices and strategies aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Making Thinking Visible in Early Childhood Through Multimodal Literacies: Come prepared to engage in activities related to the English Language Arts Oklahoma Academic Standards and how they relate to early childhood and multimodal literacies.

Making Thinking Visible in Literacy (6-12): We’ll explore pathways for eliciting evidence using activities and questioning to make instructional adjustments.

Reading Sufficiency Act, What You Need to Know: This session will provide an overview and answer questions about RSA.

Teaching & Learning Through the Elementary ELA Standards: This session provides essential background information about instructional practices and strategies aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards.


Introducing Professional Learning Focus: Develop individualized learning that concentrates on what you need to grow as a professional.

TLE for New Teachers & Principals: Learn about the “why” behind the TLE process and how it can support you.


Legislative Update: See a primer on laws passed in the 2017 Oklahoma legislative session that affects all areas of education.


Making Mathematical Thinking Visible: We’ll explore pathways for eliciting evidence using activities and questioning to make instructional adjustments.

Making Meaning of the Mathematics: Understanding the content of the learner’s experience is essential to the work of the mathematics teacher.

Making Meaningful Mathematics Visible: To encourage lifelong learning, we’ll explore opportunities to promote student autonomy, thinking and learning, and peer learning.

Math Pathways for College & Career Readiness: We’ll explore new Math Ready and Statistics and Probability courses that help bridge the gap to college.

STEM Framework & Program Design Principles: Join the conversation to see how the STEM Framework can be used to curate meaningful courses, activities, etc.


Strategies to Increase Student Thinking & Learning: Engage in thinking and learning activities that focus on Depth of Knowledge (DOK) to improve instructional alignment, increase student engagement, and ensure appropriate rigor in classroom activities and assessment.

Using Artifacts of Student Thinking to Make Instructional Decisions: Join us as we learn how to analyze artifacts of student thinking to make informed decisions about instruction.


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Map out your day at EngageOK! To see schedule grids for each location, click on the town names here.

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