#EDTalk videos featuring Oklahoma teachers aim to draw, inspire would-be educators

OKLAHOMA CITY (December 13, 2017) –Why are you a schoolteacher? Why have you chosen to stay in education? What inspires you? These are some of the questions the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) poses to exceptional teachers in its #EDTalks campaign. The stories that follow are as unique as the educators who live them.

The positive messaging campaign was among the recommendations from State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister’s Teacher Shortage Task Force to spotlight the teaching profession and inspire others to become educators.  

“I am grateful to these educators who felt compelled to share their messages,” said Hofmeister. “I hope the voices of these dedicated teachers will inspire others to choose a career that is truly changing lives every day.“

Sherilynn Admire is a 40-year veteran of the classroom. A special education teacher at Mid-Del Public Schools, she understands the importance of knowing a child’s story. Sherilyn is one of 15 educators who has volunteered to take part in the #EDTalk campaign. 

“I’m excited to be sharing what perhaps many of us believe – that teaching is not just sharing facts but teaching our students to understand who they are and help them unlock their potential,” said Admire. “We have to understand a child’s story and build relationships in order to build a dynamic student.”

The newest #EDTalk is from Christina Kirk, an eighth-grade English teacher in Oklahoma City Public Schools. Kirk chose the teaching profession after many years working as a lawyer.

“I sought out the opportunity to do the ED Talk to share my love and passion for my new teaching profession so others would know the impact teachers make on student lives daily,“ she said. “Relationship-building is so important. Teachers serve not just as educators but as therapists, doctors, surrogate parents and much more.“


You can watch Kirk's #EDTalk here.

“All too often, we hear that educators talk negatively about the profession and dissuade their own family and friends to become teachers,” said Robyn Miller, deputy superintendent for educator effectiveness and policy research for OSDE. “The conversation is changing, and the hope is that #EDTalks are paving the way for educators to take the mic and show others how rewarding teaching can be.”

The #EDTalks have a combined 100,000+ views on social media, the primary platform for sharing the segments.

Educator preparation programs in the state are utilizing the videos for recruitment purposes. Stephoni Case at Southern Nazarene University, for example, shares #EDTalks with her Education Leadership students.

“These are such positive stories from the hearts of true educators who are dedicated to answering the call to teach and lead in the classroom,” said Case. “I’ll continue to use #EDTalks this spring as we reach out to future educators across the state.”

At the University of Central Oklahoma, Bryan Duke said #EDTalk videos help showcase why professionals looking for purpose and meaning in their careers should consider teaching.

“These narratives make clear the many opportunities teachers have to be communicators, problem solvers and innovators in an effort to help students — and sometimes their families —learn and live better lives,” he said.

To see archived #EDTalks, click here. If you are interested in using the videos for recruitment, contact Deana Silk at deana.silk@sde.ok.gov.

*Pictured above: Scott Allen, Enid Public Schools; Christine Mueller, Moore Public Schools; Ryan Walters, McAlester Public Schools; Kristy Self, Stillwater Public Schools; Dr. Christina Kirk, OKC Public Schools; Sherilynn Admire, Mid-Del Public Schools


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Last updated on December 13, 2017