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Hello, all, I hope today finds you well! 

I just returned this week from the National Teacher of the Year conference in San Francisco. All 56 state Teachers of the Year and their state coordinators met for three days of intensive educational and leadership training. I say intensive, because I assumed we might get a little time to explore the area; I was wrong. Buses left the motel at 7 each morning, and it was 9 or 10 each evening when we returned. I don't usually have much trouble with stamina, but I will confess I was drained when I finally landed in Dallas on Sunday evening.

I may have been exhausted, but I was also invigorated by what I experienced. Of course, I was greatly encouraged to collaborate with so many passionate, dedicated educators from across the nation; that is a given. But what encouraged me more than anything was my discovery of the vast number of groups, organizations and people who vigorously support teachers and education, and who are willing to provide support for us in diverse ways.

From money to programs to software to workshops, these people are just waiting for someone to ask, and they are more than happy to help.

Two entities I will briefly mention are Google and Scholastic. Google for Education has some of the most amazing resources and support for teachers. Check them out at http://edu.google.com. Scholastic is another organization I imagine almost all of you know, but what I was not familiar with was the amazing program they offer regarding family engagement. If you truly want a resource that will help you move to the next level in helping your students achieve success, contact Ron Mirr at rmirr@scholastic.comrmirr@scholastic.com about coming to present this workshop at your school. After 35 years in the classroom it is hard to impress me, but I was definitely impressed with Scholastic's work in this area.

Until next time, I continually give thanks for all of you dedicated professionals who step up each day and provide a quality education for our Oklahoma children, even in the midst of these tough times. I, and many others, appreciate all you do!

Jon Hazell

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Last updated on February 14, 2018