ELEVATE: Multiplying Opportunities

College Career Math Ready course helping students succeed in college

OKLAHOMA CITY (Oct. 21, 2019) – A high school math class offered as a fourth-year elective is raising ACT scores and saving Oklahoma families money. College Career Math Ready (CCMR) is helping students strengthen their math skills before they go to college or enter the workforce.

“College Career Math Ready offers a promising, high-value opportunity for students and their families,” said Joy Hofmeister, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. “We’re already seeing positive results from students who have taken the class, and it’s important that more schools offer this course to their students. Cutting college remediation in half for our students is one of six goals in our 8-year strategic plan, Oklahoma Edge. We are making meaningful progress.”

Oklahoma families spend an estimated $22 million a year for remedial courses. These are classes taken in college to help students build their skills before taking college-level courses. Students receive no college credit despite paying for the class.

Oklahoma has already decreased the overall demand for college math remediation significantly by 17.6%. The CCMR class is one of the main efforts to help lower the remediation rate. Because of the course’s initial success, Hofmeister and Chancellor Glen Johnson of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education are encouraging more schools to offer CCMR in a joint letter.

Right now, CCMR is offered at 56 schools around the state. The course has been available for two years.

“My hope is to build confidence in their math ability so when they go into work, go in to take their ACT or go into college-level courses, they have the confidence knowing they can problem solve,” said Brigit Minden, who teaches CCMR at Central High in Marlow.

Last school year, more than 1,000 students took CCMR. Those who earn an A or B in each unit receive a recommendation to immediately begin taking entry-level, credit-bearing classes their first year in college.

“I absolutely loved the class. It helped me tremendously,” said Michala Owens, a high school senior. “My math ACT score went from an 18 to 24 after taking it, and I went into the test knowing I could do this. My confidence was up, and I could easily do math problems that before I would sit there and struggle with.”

To see a short video about CCMR, “Elevate: Multiplying Opportunities,” click on the link below.

Elevate: Multiplying Opportunities

For more information and resources, including an introductory webinar, visit http://sde.ok.gov/CCMR.

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Last updated on October 21, 2019