Oklahoma public school enrollment continues rebound

OKLAHOMA CITY (Dec. 22, 2022) – Oklahoma’s annual student enrollment for public schools increased for the second year in a row during the 2022-23 school year. Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) data shows 701,258 public school students enrolled in Pre-K through 12th grade, up from 698,696 in 2021-22 and 694,113 in 2020-21.

Enrollment is approaching the 2019-20 count of 703,650.

“Oklahoma families recognize the value of their local public schools, and with good reason,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister. “Our public schools are consistently implementing the Ready Together Oklahoma plan and other strategies to help students succeed in the wake of challenges spurred by the global pandemic. As enrollment steadily increases, it is important that the state Legislature ensure our educators are well-prepared to provide a high-quality education.”

Multi-year enrollment chart

Tulsa Public Schools remains the largest district in the state with 33,871 students this school year, followed by Oklahoma City Public Schools with 33,245 students.

The largest districts in the state include:

Tulsa                               33,871

Oklahoma City             33,245

Epic Charter School     28,478

Edmond                        26,190

Moore                            24,632

Broken Arrow              20,115

Putnam City                18,905

Norman                        15,786

Union                            14,890

Lawton                         13,979

Enrollment counts do not include district-sponsored charter schools.

Demographic information shows little change in the racial and ethnic makeup of public school students in Oklahoma. Hispanic, American Indian, Black, Asian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and students who are two or more races make up 55 percent of statewide enrollment and 45 percent of students are white. Hispanic/Latino students make up 20 percent of enrollment, 11 percent of students are Native American or Alaska Native, 8 percent are African American and 2 percent are Asian. Less than 1 percent of students are Hawaiian or Pacific Islander and 13 percent reported being two or more races.

Spreadsheets with state, district and site totals are available at https://sde.ok.gov/documents/state-student-public-enrollment.


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Last updated on December 18, 2023