2011 School Laws of Oklahoma

2011 School Laws of Oklahoma

Complete Law Book in pdf format.

Chapter 1 - Oklahoma School Code

Article I: Scope, Organization, and Definitions 
Article II: State Department of Education
Article III: County Superintendent of Schools
Article IV: School Districts and Boards of Education
Article V: Teachers
Article VI: Annexation and Consolidation
Article VII: Transfer of Pupils
Article VIII: Transportation
Article IX: School Population and Attendance 
Article X: Curriculum
Article XI: Audiovisual Education
Article XII: Special Education for Exceptional Children
Article XIII: Career and Technology Education
Article XIV: Bonds
Article XV: Textbooks
Article XVI: Teachers' Retirement System
Article XVII: State Aid
Article XVIII: Driver Education
Article XIX: Private Schools
Article XX: Oklahoma Public School Audit Law
Article XXI: The Oklahoma Educational Television Authority
Article XXII: Miscellaneous     

Chapter 2 - Administration

Article I: Holidays and Remembrance Days
Article II: Oklahoma Open Meeting Act
Article III: Oklahoma Open Records Act
Article IV: The Governmental Tort Claims Act
Article V: Continuous School Program
Article VI: Developmental Research School Act
Article VII: Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics 

Chapter 3 - Bonds

Article I: Bond Issue Proceeds Act
Article II: Bonds 

Chapter 4 - Funds and Finance

Article I: Judgments
Article II: Purchasing and Leasing
Article III: Funds
Article IV: Revenue
Article V: Audits

Chapter 5 - Elections and Ethics

Article I: School Elections and Ethics
Article II: Qualifications and Vacancies 

Chapter 6 - Personnel

Article I: Personnel
Article II: Loyalty Oath
Article III: School Employees Negotiations Act
Article IV: Standards for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Act
Article V: State and Education Employees Group Insurance Act 

Chapter 7 - Students

Article I: Students
Article II: Oklahoma Minor Identification Act

Chapter 8 - Instruction

Article I: Instruction
Article II: Regional Education Service Center Act
Article III: Economic Education Act of 1974
Article IV: Drug Abuse Education Act
Article V: Oklahoma School Testing Program Act
Article VI: Commission on Children and Youth
Article VII: Education of Gifted and Talented Children Act
Article VIII: Alternative Education
Article IX: Advanced Placement Incentive Program
Article III: Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Act

Chapter 9 - Facilities and Equipment

Article I: Facilities
Article II: Equipment
Article III: Smoking in Public Places Act
Article IV: Oklahoma State Recycling Procurement Act
Article V: Public Competitive Bidding Act
Article VI: Fair Pay for Construction Act
Article VII: Adjacent Land Use Restrictions 
Article VIII: Farm to School Program Act

Chapter 10 - Career and Technology Education

Article I: Career and Technology Education 

Chapter 11 - Transportation

Article I: School Buses
Article II: Vehicles
Article III: Oklahoma Alternative Fuels Act

Chapter 12 - Safety and Security

Article I: Weapons
Article II: Crossing Guards - Traffic Control
Article III: Behavior
Article IV: Safety
Article V: Delinquency and Youth Gang Intervention and Deterrence Act
Article VI: Oklahoma Campus Security Act
Article VII: Community Youth Development Act 
Article VIII: Certified Healthy Schools

Appendix A

Appropriations Bills Relating to Education

Senate Bill 206

Appendix B

Table of Statutes



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