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Oklahoma Connect and Learn Resources

We have created several resources for you to ensure your students have the broadband they need to take advantage of the promise of digital learning. Please check back regularly for updates on the initiative, new resources from our partners, and stories from educators participating across the state.

Governor Mary Fallin & Superintendent of Instruction Joy Hofmeister


School District Resources


Get scalable infrastructure (e.g. fiber or equivalent) for your school buildings. According to the Education SuperHighway Compare and Connect site at least 11 school districts still need fiber infrastructure and can benefit from OUSF funding.

Is your school one of the districts needing fiber infrastructure? 

E-rate funding and rule changes have created an UNPRECEDENTED OPPORTUNITY to support district upgrades. E-rate will cover the cost of deploying new scalable infrastructure and has suspended the $500,000 cap on construction costs.

Find more about OUSF Funding!

Find the latest OUSF Training Sessions 


Bandwidth and Affordability

We can help you cost-effectively obtain enough bandwidth to meet the goals set forth by SETDA in the table below for Internet access bandwidth. 76% of school districts do not yet meet 1 Mbps/student. Up to an additional 20% E-rate discount is available through the OUSF state matching fund this cycle.

See how your school district is doing to meet this goal.

Does your school have enough Bandwidth to meet the SETDA standards? 

Broadband Imperative



As part of the Oklahoma Connect & Learn Initiative, our state has adopted the recommended connectivity goals for 2018, including Wi-Fi capable of supporting 1:1 learning in every classroom and learning area.

Does your school district meet the SETDA Wi-Fi Standard?

We will work with your district to help you understand and best use all your available Category 2 funding to get sufficient connectivity in your classroom. $99.6 million was made available for Wi-Fi upgrades in all school districts, and $27.1 million in funds are still available for 442 districts. A $150/student Wi-Fi budget is guaranteed per student through 2019.

Will your school meet this WiFi solution goal?

Internal Network Options

Wifi Buyers Guide


Additional Resources

Compare and Connect K-12

Developed by EducationSuperHighway, Compare & Connect K-12 enables school districts, state leaders, and service providers to compare your services and pricing to that of districts nearby and throughout the state.

Education SuperHighway E-Rate

Oklahoma Connect and Learn Initiative Blog

The blog is where you can share your districts success story and read those of other school districts (Check back soon for stories)

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Last updated on January 16, 2019