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OK Crisis And Readiness Emergency Services


District administrators, teachers, support staff, and students across the state are faced with many difficult decisions in an ever changing dangerous environment. New products and services are driving a multi-billion dollar industry. Sound guidance and best strategies are more important than ever before as we work to protect Oklahoma's most precious resource.

Your community is unique. It is as individualized as the print on your thumb. Each of our 543 public school districts located across Oklahoma will require a whole community approach when making your school district a safer and more secure place of learning.

The Office of School Safety and Security would like to partner with you in the development of a high-quailty Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) for your district.

To become a partnering district, contact one of our School Safety and Security Specialists.

Cindy Swearingen
Assistant Executive Director
(405) 306-9724

Steven Lynch
(405) 308-3176

Michelann Ooten
(405) 205-1879

Jason Gray
(405) 291-0888 

What to expect

As a partnering district, work on your Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) will follow this procedure.


+ Snapshot

As educators, we understand your time is precious and we strive to be respectful of everyone's calendar. Our goal for the first step of the process is the promote and encourage regular meetings. We are here to facilitate this first step and provide you with the framework to continue this process as an LEA.


+ Incident Command System

An introduction of ICS (Incident Command System) and the NIMS (National Incident Management System) process with your SCHOOL SAFETY LEADERSHIP TEAM. We will also discuss the Threat Hazard Matrix which will be developed specifically for your district by your team.


+ Safe School Committee

Committee members, ideally, represent your broader school/district community and therefore act as the supporting body making recommendations that prioritize efforts around multiple safety and security topics. This is an opportunity to prioritize your school's planning efforts through a risk hazard matrix, which a school safety and security specialist will facilitate.


+ Plan Review

MOUs with local emergency responders as well as other community partners are highly encouraged during the review of your distrcit's plan. It is crucial that relationships are established prior to a crisis. A safety and security specialist will assist your district into an approved template for consistency of use.


+ Plan Approval

A school safety and security specialist will be available upon request to attend your school board's meeting in which your Emergency Operation Plan is approved by your local authority. Per Oklahoma statute,§Title 63-Chapter 24- Section 681, all EOPs should be filed with your local emergency response organization no later than November 1st of each year.


+ Maintenance

Training and the development of your staff in efforts of preparedness is paramount. OSDE and agency partners have a vast menu of professional development options, all at no cost to the district. Contact a safety and security specialist to schedule training for your community.


Safety and Security Operations Procedure

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Last updated on November 5, 2020